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  • Daniel Fischer wrote on November 15, 2006 report

    I have to go with Dave Marsh here. This doesn't belong even in the top 100. Any album by CSNY, but more especially CSN, is like fingernails on a blackboard. A personal taste, for sure.

  • Henry Balfour wrote on October 25, 2012 report

    Sad to see this tide-mark album dismissed so brutally by a critic (and also a commenter on this site). Yes, Daniel, it's all 'personal opinion', until professional critcs make money out of it - then it has a price attached. A personal comment I can dig - but Marsh deserves a pay-out for mis-understanding so much about this live album. It's beauty to me is probably inextricably entwined with elements that were criticised by marsh (who would seem to be a nobody, nowdays) which kinda indicates he has faulty empathy with his (or is it really just our) culture. Magnificent album for me, evergreen. To hell with snobs, listen to the music, feel the songs.

  • John Kelman wrote on October 26, 2012 report

    I must admit that while I love some of the songs on the record, it's a very inconsistent; some transcendence, some "eek" moments for me. But still, well worth having; going through a Byrds/CSNY phase right now, so your commenting on this review couldn't have come at a more appropriate time for me. And no, I don't agree with Marsh but do with Bailey, who categorizes it - warts and all - as one of the ten best live rock albums of all time. Some new ones since this 2004 review might supplant....but that's an argument for another day :)


  • C. Michael Bailey wrote on October 26, 2012 report

    I am encouraged that music and an article about it still garner discussion. Much of this collection are stinkers, "Preroad Downs" is pretty bad as well as the poorly captured opening of the show. Bootlegs of the period are equally representative. But give me, "Long Time Gone" or this particularly psychotic "49 Bye-Byes" sung in the death throws of the Vietnam War and I am okay with it.