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  • John McGann wrote on November 12, 2006 report

    When instruments play together in a room, there is a blend of overtones missing from multitrack recording. On the other hand, "room recordings" can lack the sonic detail we get from close miking, so a blend of both close mics with room sound blended is good; you can have control of stereo placement with the close mics with a bit of glorious "leakage" and room mic to help "glue" things together.

    I think musicians are becoming more empowered by HAVING to take control of thier reocrdings, since so few labels exist, especially for lesser know/developing artists. With the demise of the brick-and-mortar 'record stores', more musicians are going for 'downloadable product'. Personally, I miss artwork and liner notes bigger than 2 point typeface...the upside being that industry standard 'recoupable royalties' racket, where artists don't see dollar one until the expenses are 'recouped' from their 10% while the label pockets the extra 90% before paying a dime (allowing $50,000 return on a $5000 investment) will be gone, and the money can go to helping the artist pay for lunch!

    Actual musicians playing instruments that require skill and soul- what a concept! :) We'll never become extinct, but until young people become acculturated (i.e. told it's cool to like it) with proper arts education starting in the home and continued in schools, it'll be a l o n g "evolution".