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  • Don Savage wrote on May 16, 2008 report

    I produce Jazz, Standards and Broadway audio entertainment for several airlines. I interviewed Mel Torme and he told me that the nickname "The Velvet Fog" was given to him by the popular New York City disc jockey, Fred Robbins while Fred was working at WOV Radio.

    Thanks for your great site...........

    Don Savage

  • Martin Uherek wrote on December 11, 2010 report

    I read in Hawk's biography that he was called Bean because his head looked like a bean, which actually seems right!

    About Johnny Hodges I read that he was very fast when it came to running, that is why he was nicknamed like this.

    Ben Webster was besides Frog also nicknamed Brute (or Brute and the Beautiful of the tenor sax) because he was very aggressive when he got drunk or when someone angered him - in 1936 he through (pushed) one of his girlfriends out of a window during a fight they had. She survived, but Duke Ellington had to pull some of his strings to straighten the matter out to keep Ben's name clean.

    Hope other musicians contribute as well!

  • Jaakko Tahkolahti wrote on January 11, 2011 report

    I'm working on a radio programme about jazz musicians' nicknames, part 3, which is about the many jazz-"Sonnies" and it seems to me that you've forgotten just about all the others save Theodore Walter. I think you should have something on at least Berman, Clark, Clay, Cohn, Criss, Dallas, Fortune, Greer, Payne, Russo, Sharrock, Simmons, Stitt and White, maybe even on Sun Ra Blount, Sylvester "Sonny Red" Kyner and my compatriot Heinilä (from Finland). To me the strange thing is, that none of the first names seem to have anything to do with anything related to "Sonny". Otherwise it's an interesting list with all the fun(ny) background stuff.