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  • Bluesman wrote on August 05, 2012 report

    Too bad people like 'critic' Derek W. Brown don't have the foresight or insight on how conceptual records are made and obviously the questionable critic misses the boat here.

    Comparing one band to Beefheart or any other is obviously unfair ‘cause they are all unique and have their own voice.
    This review is misguided at best and he misses both the point and humor of what Pig in the Can is, its neo-neo-Dadaist aesthetic and how unique these records are.

    The two conceptual Pig in a Can records are also poking fun at the exploitation of music in advertising, even down to the imagery, production samples and techniques, and liner notes, etc, during a time when the trend was to do the opposite. They are also one of the first, if not the first of their kind: Conceptual electronic international blues combining blues elements from Mississippi, Tuva, Laos, and others. Pig in a Can is a satire and social commentary on the blues,advertising, and begs the question what is the blues and not in the traditional sense of making a record.

    How many records has Derek W. Brown or any critic made? None, so judge it for yourself, but also know what it is you are judging before you write nonsense.