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  • Alessandro wrote on July 16, 2009 report

    This is a magnificient cd of timeless jazz.
    I have been greatly surprised to buy the cd for the composition -so rare to find, so little recorded but in a bunch of masterpieces- and find such a wonderful group of performers. As said, arrangements are great; Eric clearly love this music, and his performing is costantly an high level one, wether on acoustic or electric guitar. This is a 'warm' heartfelt tribute to Nichols' music, strong as the Duck Baker one is, if you know what I mean. After -and because- this record I had the previour Eric T. Johnson's "Boston Quartet", where again I highly admired his playing and his usual trio of Bob Nieske, Nat Mugavero and Phil Grenadier (and the better in the pianoless tracks, so strong they play together).
    Mr. Johnson, if you hear me, be known someone would LOVE and istantly buy any "Herbie Nichols Vol.II" cd you ever feel to record.
    For anybody looking for a taste search YouTube for the beautiful Johnson's performance of Argumentative (another obscure Nichols) with tony Malaby and Mark Elias).