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  • antoinette wrote on October 02, 2009 report

    Idris Muhammad is a great man, and I had the privilege to meet him when I was five years old on the stage with my late dad, Obie Leon Bray during the Broadway show 'Hair' I would truly like to hear from him or the writer of this article.

    tonie c

  • Mike Thornton wrote on December 16, 2009 report

    I had a chance to meet Idris at a clinic he gave in the Chicago area. What a warm, accessible cat! He explained to me in a way I'll never forget what he meant by building his rythyms from the "bottom up". He pushed me on the shoulder with his hand and said "See that? Use your bass drum to push the band, just like that!" That improved my whole sense of how to focus my rythyms. Idris is too much! And he talked me to death, too, you're right! But you eat up every word!