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  • Steffen Brix wrote on September 13, 2010 report

    This review sucks!!

    This is one of the greatest McLaughlin albums ever...much more melodic and he has a warmer, greater tone than on most of his work.

    DeFrancesco's trumpet playing is great...very nice tone. Furthermore, the tune When Love Is Far Away is one the most beautiful pieces on this album.

    This review by Walter Kolosky shows once more that so many people listen in such a superficial way. I always dig it much more when McLaughlin takes his time with some of his lines, so you can really hear the great contrasts. This is present on this album which it isn't on so many earlier McLaughlin albums.

    Sometimes you just disagree so much that you have to be heard... buy this album if you want to hear some of the finest John Mclaughlin available :)


    Steffen Brix