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  • wood wrote on June 15, 2009 report

    Your article, and I have read many, is the only one that says it all. Kenny Rankin was a natural music maker of the first order. His soulful artistry will live forever, whether here on earth or in heaven. He has brought to the surface emotions which will be difficult to equal. We will miss him like very few others. He was simply great.

  • Priscilla Presley wrote on November 18, 2009 report

    I was at that Springsteen concert.
    Maybe some people were rude, but I and the people around me were enchanted with Kenny's performance.
    I am sorry to learn that Kenny has passed away.
    His voice was so sweet, yet had such power.

  • Andrew Poretz wrote on September 11, 2012 report

    Just found this article when I was looking to learn more about Kenny's age when he learned guitar after I mentioned him on my radio show last night. He was amazing. I first saw him when he opened up for George Carlin at the Palace Theater in 1971. I saw him again at the old Fat Tuesday's in the East Village on a New Year's Eve show. Got to hang out and chat him up for a few minutes and thanked him for making my New Year's Eve, after asking him what kind of strings he used (I can no longer recall). This article gave me great insight into how he learned to play like that -- I wish I were better in math! I also didn't know he was from Washington Heights, which is where I've lived since 1985.