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  • Nicholas Bessmer wrote on June 09, 2007 report

    Jack Bower's review is one of the most opinionated, snobby reviews I have ever read. You have to understand the artist as a whole person. I have known her from her twenties and she is one awesome singer. On top of that, she is a remarkable dancer and very seeking in terms of a spiritual path.

    I can name you countless Jazz recordings (Gary Burton / Dave Holland - Conference of The Birds) which were the beginning of an evolving style for musicians finding their way. I am absolutely astounded by the fact that Wilson Pickett, The Late James Brown, and others have found her voice to be outstanding.

    Give her a chance please and realize that Ornette Coleman and many other musicians were not perfect out of the box. She was being considered for a Grammy - not bad!

    Nicholas Bessmer

    PS: Cool Jazz is the finest jazz. There is no doubt about it. And a fine female jazz vocalist is rare.