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  • Annette Blichmann wrote on July 24, 2007 report

    Waiting "in suspense" for the recently released "Live at The Kennedy Center, vol. II" from MaxJazz.

    I love to listen to so many recordings with Mulgrew Miller, however, my newest favorite is "If I Should Lose You" - the so beautiful track on "Live at The Kennedy, vol. I".

    First time I heard Mulgrew Miller live was at a Russell Malone / Benny Green concert at the Herbst Festival in Salzburg, Austria, November 2004, where in the final number Mulgrew Miller and the also talented, young Gerald Clayton joined Benny Green and Russell Malone - an unforgettable musical experience, where the three pianists played one chorus each, and then Russell Malone one, in rotation, great fun, the three pianists changing hands on the keys and behinds on the piano stool as fast as possible, but indeed also very interesting to hear the different approach to the music from such great talents.

    Last time I saw and heard Mulgrew Miller play live was at the direct TV broadcast of the memorial concert for bassist Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen - Mulgrew Miller's contribution, as well as the contribution of guitarists Ulf Wakenius and Philip Catherine, being the only interesting and indeed wonderful music of that otherwise strangely respectlessly commercialized show, the only of relevance to and in the spirit of Niels Henning, with whom Mulgrew Miller used to have a fine collaboration throughout years.

    I am lucky to have some rare and wonderful music released as a commercial gift from B&O (Bang & Olufsen), recorded in the studios of DR (Danish Radio), Mulgrew Miller and Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen "The Duets" - music by Duke Ellington (1999).

    Still waiting "in suspense" for the newest release - the samples at the MaxJazz website ( sound promising!

    Annette Blichmann
    Blichmann Music
    Copenhagen - New York

  • Andreas Ahlqvist wrote on July 10, 2012 report

    July 9th 2012.

    A date that I will carry with me a long long time.

    An amazing consert featuring Mulgrew Miller, Jesper Lundgaard and Alex Reil at the Montmatre.

    Two sets of total 2.5 hours of pure joy!

    Great thanks for the experience!

    Andreas Ahlqvist

  • Jennings wrote on September 15, 2012 report

    We were disappointed by Mulgrew Miller's trio performance at the Jazz Showcase, last night (Friday, 9-14). HIs harmonies were fine, sometimes daring but obscured by muddy, poorly articulated execution. There were MANY piano errors (flubs) in melodies and hesitations that appeared to result NOT from dramatic effect but from lack of practice. "If I Should Lose You" was adequate but Miller varied the melody a bit too much and missed opportunities for alternative harmonies. "Woody 'n You" is a TERRIFIC tune but it SCREAMS OUT for a sax or trumpet lead. It's not a piano-lead song. So, Miller's piano-version was weak. Things became sombre and I found myself wanting to shout out encouragement. There were bright spots, the brightest being Jobim's "O Grande Amor", a terrific samba. This sounded more rehearsed than the others. We're all best at what we like to play. For us, Miller's greatest talent on Friday was in hiring such great sidemen. They were terrific! -- One more thing: In a noisy restaurant setting (not a concert) Miller would SHINE but this was a concert set and that JS sound system is totally unforgiving!