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  • Christie Mary Lynn Hicks wrote on March 13, 2008 report

    I am one of Phyllis Hyman's biggest fans! She was beautiful, sophisticated and classy, and had a style that has not been duplicated. What a wonderfully talented vocalist she was! I am flattered when strangers tell me I look like her especially when I wear a hat. Ooo-ooo, I feel so special!

    I so regret not seeing Phyllis perform live. When the Norman Conners concert series came to Atlanta in 1975, Jean Carne and Prince Phillip Mitchell performed instead of Phyllis Hyman and Michael Henderson. Although I loved Jean and Prince Phillip, I went to the concert specifically to see Phyllis and Michael.

    If I had known earlier that day that Phyllis and Michael would not be performing, I would have slapped Norman Conners when I met him at our local record store. (SMILE) He was nice enough to autograph my album but dissappointed me when he substituted Jean for my girl Phyllis. At 51, I am still not over it. The Hyman-Henderson combination was awesome, and to think, I missed it. I couldn't believe it! I was heart-broken!

    Thank goodness though for the Legacy of Phyllis Hyman CD. I purchased it in the late 90s and still enjoy it immensely. I didn't ever see her perform live but I play the CD while sitting in my entertainment room pretending to be at a live show. That's all I can do for now but I hope I get to meet Phyllis and hear her sing in Paradise.

    It is a joy watching Phyllis Hyman videos, reading bios, and listening to her commentary on the Internet so thank you AAJ for that opportunity. By the way, the bio I read stated her birth year was 1941. Shouldn't that be 1951? Just checking.