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  • Kandie Le Britain Webster wrote on August 07, 2007 report


    The Discography on Art Farmer's page here is OUTSTANDING!

    This is an excellent resource for jazz enthusiasts.

    Kandie Webster

  • Michael Ricci wrote on August 08, 2007 report

    talk about outstanding, check out his hank jones discography...

  • Kandie Le Britain Webster wrote on December 13, 2007 report

    Hey Michael,

    I did not know you made this comment here to mine (because you do not have that very special and expensive system set up yet, we don't know when someone replies to our comments)...

    ...But I actually did keep track of Konrad's work on Hank Jones' Discography. I need to learn that special "link" stuff!

    Kandie Le Britain Webster ~~ AAJ