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  • Sacha Boutros wrote on October 31, 2008 report

    we will always love miles

  • Rictor pino-ino wrote on May 31, 2009 report

    I like the innovative/clean sound to his jazz. Comment about the weirdness ofmy name if you wish.;)

  • Sheetz of Sound wrote on September 28, 2009 report

    I've posted pics of Miles on two of my My Space pages in recognition of his passing today.One of my ' musical heros '.

  • romel tesfu dagne wrote on December 25, 2009 report

    No one was influential like Miles in jazz history.We really loves him

  • Donna K Cooper wrote on February 21, 2010 report

    I'm glad that Jazz is alive and still going strong. The new music is just noise

  • John Kelman wrote on February 23, 2010 report

    With all due respect, Donna, if you think new music is just noise, you're not looking hard enough. If you like Miles, for example, check out Tom Harrell, whose Prana Dance was one of last year's best...and he has a new one coming shortly. Kenny Davis' new disc is also wonderful, and is smack dab in the middle of the modern mainstream.

    The music has diversified, that's for sure, but there's plenty out there that will appeal to the more traditionally minded.


  • Cristina Twitty wrote on April 03, 2010 report

    Mr. Miles, One of my assignments as a college student is to interview a jazz musician via email. I read your profile and would love to interview you for my school paper. Please email me at x.tina777@hotmail.

    Thank you