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  • Kandie Le Britain Webster wrote on June 15, 2007 report

    Jazzy Greetings to Jeff Baumeister.

    You have chosen a very cool photo of the old piano keys for your photo on your AAJ profile page. Where did you find it? Did you take it yourself? My daughter is a jazz pianist, and I collect odd photos of pianos and piano keys for her scrapbooking projects.

    You also sound like a great musician and have a wonderful background (and future) as a jazz pianist. Best wishes to you. I hope to be hearing your name more.

    "jazz requires much passion!" -- Kandie Webster

  • Jeff Baumeister wrote on June 17, 2007 report

    Hi Kandie,

    My daughter took the photo. The piano is an old Knabe upright built in 1906 that I've had restored, (all except the keys).

    Thanks for the kind words.


  • Kandie Le Britain Webster wrote on June 17, 2007 report


    Thanks for your reply and the information. How old is your daughter?