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  • Massimo wrote on September 27, 2010 report

    Creative Insanity...The Book
    by Massimo DeAngelis (2010)

    A collection of surreal short stories
    You can go see it at

    This wonderful collection of short stories takes you through Massimo
    psychological development as a child to the development of his writing and
    creative mind and ties it all in with his drive as an artist. Unlike other
    books, this one fuses all these elements together: Innocence, dementia,
    comedy, surrealism. It's uncanny how much of the language is deformed
    and modify to come up with new techniques and even new words, all to aid at
    the impossible visualization of the many situations created here.
    if you love the opposite of everything, then this is the only book you'll
    ever need. It would leave you both wanting more and completely satisfied.
    I guess since this is the only book of it's kind, it takes the cake. Rarely
    does a work of this caliber see the light of day. It is truly a funny and
    stimulating surreal adventure.