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  • Judith Katz wrote on May 25, 2009 report

    This guy is amazing! He's exciting and very tasteful. He reminds me a combination of Mel Lewis, Shelly Manne, and Bill Stewart all blended together. I'm not easily impressed but this is an exception. Highly recommended!

  • Ralph Sampson wrote on June 06, 2009 report

    I heard Charlie play recently. He's exciting with a tremendous amount of restrained technique. Someone else described it as tasteful and that's exactly what his playing is: very tasteful. He's refreshing and energetic.

  • Renee Williams wrote on July 04, 2009 report

    This guy really knows how to play! He's entertaining, inspiring, and you can tell he really enjoys playing.

  • Cheryl House wrote on August 04, 2009 report

    I'm very fickle about my music and have very demanding taste. Charlie takes my breath away! He plays in front of the group, with the group, and behind the group, all at once. If you get the chance to hear him live, jump at the opportunity. He obviously enjoys playing and reminds me of the restrained showmanship of Papa Joe Jones.

  • Reginald Miller wrote on August 14, 2009 report

    This guy really makes you tap your toes and want to move! My heart literally leapt in my chest when I first heard him play.

  • Ricky Gonzalez wrote on August 19, 2009 report

    He plays it all! Latin, swing, bebop, funk...he blew me away completely!

  • Thad Theriot wrote on August 26, 2009 report

    I heard him playing hard bop on one set, swing the next set, and then funk the last set. He played all of them equally well and played it like he's been playing each genre his whole life (maybe he has?)! Not to be missed!

  • Josh Levinson wrote on August 29, 2009 report

    Wow! What a delight to listen to this guy play. He doesn't over play and he doesn't under play. He's very judicious and restrained but that just builds the tension. When the tension is finally released it's unexpected, refreshing, and amazing, all wrapped up in one concise parcel. Catch him live when you can.

  • Brian Hoover wrote on September 01, 2009 report

    It's as though you put Joe Morello, Big Sid Catlett, Shelly Manne, and Bill Stewart into a blender, mixed in some secret ingredient and poured Charlie out of the whole concoction! He is very tasteful and inspiring.

  • Benjamin Levison wrote on September 11, 2009 report

    I heard Charlie play at Ravinia Festival and words just can't describe his playing. He's a great player! If you get the chance to hear him live do not pass on the opportunity.

  • Sharon Cohen wrote on September 16, 2009 report

    Must be seen and heard live to believe what your senses are telling you. A really great player that plays everything just so. He fulfills you but at the same time leaves you wanting more.

  • Craig Johnson wrote on September 22, 2009 report

    I read the comments of others stating Charlie is like this guy or plays like that guy. Other comments speak of him sounding like an "amalgamation" of this musician or that musician. No offense to the other people that have posted but the fact is, in my humble opinion, Charlie sounds like Charlie. He's his own man with his own style and his own unique style. Regardless of your position the fact remains he's an excellent musician that is in a class all by himself. Dont miss the chance to listen live. You wont be sorry.

  • Nicole Cassidy wrote on September 26, 2009 report

    I heard Charlie perform live recently at the Temecula Jazz Festival. Phenomenal! He's a very gracious and selfless player.

  • Kelly Price wrote on September 29, 2009 report

    Imagine, if you will, a hummingbird full of espresso. That's the energy Charlie's playing has. Hes light and feathery, controlled, driven, and on edge all at once. A real joy and pleasure to hear live (he really is into the music and it shows). Wonderful!

  • Peggy Morris wrote on October 04, 2009 report

    Charlie's the best drummer I've ever heard! He's a great showman, but he's not flashy. He's a fantastic technician, but he doesn't over play. He's an incredible musician but that fails to truly convey how well he plays both as an individual as well as a group member. Wow!

  • Hope Acosta wrote on October 07, 2009 report

    Caliente! This guy lays it down no matter what the style, volume, tempo, or group size. Most drummers I listen to live are bland and remind me of those wind up monkey toys that simply play mindlessly. Charlie is a musician and his playing style and approach reflect that. If you get the chance to hear him live do not pass on the opportunity to do so.

  • Eugene Poole wrote on October 10, 2009 report

    Charlie is my favorite drummer. I met him at a NAMM convention a few years ago after being introduced to him by a drummer friend of mine (I'm a bass player). He implies the beat better than anyone I've heard and he builds tension without increasing volume or getting too "busy". I hope someday to get the chance to play with him. He's a rare find in that he plays musically and for the group versus playing as a drummer trying to shine above all the rest.

  • Mark Galindo wrote on October 18, 2009 report

    I caught Charlie at The Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago. Amazing! They say you can't innovate until you assimilate. I guess you get to the point where you've assimilated so much that when combined with your own stuff you begin to have a unique sound all your own. Charlie is past that. He's so refreshing because he's playing for the group and for the music and not trying to be the next big innovator. He does this so well he's an innovator, in my opinion, of a new sound. He's classic and modern all at once. He's funk, he's swing, he's acid jazz, he's big band, he's combo, and he's all these things simultaneously. Charlie is a true virtuoso of the drums!

  • Chuck Hogan wrote on October 25, 2009 report

    No adjectives suffice to adequately describe Charlie's virtuostic chops as well as his drive and dexterity around and the kit. Wow! Amazing! Incredible! Astonishing! all fall short in conveying the true essence of his art. Music is a form of expression and communication. Charlie expresses and communicates better than anyone I know past or present. He is a veritable kaleidoscope of rhythmic and colorful musical expression.

  • Jean Czinki wrote on October 26, 2009 report

    I challenge you to listen to Charlie's playing and not be moved. It simply will not happen! I find it impossible to listen to him and not be touched both emotionally and physically. I've been listening to jazz for over 65 years and he is the finest drummer I've ever heard.

  • Jackson Davis wrote on October 27, 2009 report

    I took my teen aged son to Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase as he is very interested in jazz and wants to become a jazz musician. We were lucky enough to hear some fine music and Charlie was playing drums for the group. Afterwards, my son had many questions. I encouraged him to approach Charlie and ask him whatever questions were on his mind. Charlie was a very gracious man and a true gentleman. He listened, answered, offered advice and insight, and even introduced my son to other members of the ensemble. He did all of this without knowing I was watching from the fringes. He's a great drummer but an even greater man. My son now has a lofty goal of not only playing like Charlie but conducting himself like Charlie as well.

  • Katherine Johnson wrote on November 01, 2009 report

    I just arrived home after catching Charlie live. I can't sleep because I'm so excited about what I heard. He took a group of so so musicians (I've heard them play at other venues with various personnel) and made them sound fantastic. He has a "je ne sais quoi" that percolates through and then flows over the music and group. After listening to tonight's performance I feel like I've run a triathlon but strangely am not fatigued.

  • Seamus Flannigan wrote on November 04, 2009 report

    If you are around when he plays live, don't miss it, you won't regret it. Very polished and brilliant!

  • Jessica Tetzloff wrote on November 08, 2009 report

    A true gentleman with an amazing ability to make you tap your toes without realizing it. He swings hard but can also easily switch to a funky groove seamlessly. His phrasing and syncopation are very restrained yet bold and energetic all at once. He is a unique musician with a conglomeration of sounds all melded into a volcano that simmers quietly until it erupts in a conundrum of musical joy.

  • Heather Staha wrote on November 11, 2009 report

    I had the distinct pleasure to hear Charlie at the Chicago Jazz Festival. Regardless of who he plays with, he affixes the music with his own unique impramata and in doing so makes the classic and standards sound new. He builds the ensemble up and leaves them teetering on the edge until it's time to gently push them over into the next plane. Even though you know it's coming it still surprises you when it happens. He builds the tension with his sense of rhythm and dynamics and leaves you wanting more until such time as he delivers. I now know the meaning of an eargasm. Do not pass on the opportunity to catch his art performed live.

  • Nathaniel Jay Kelly wrote on November 14, 2009 report

    The man is obviously a natural and is World class. Charlie leads, not pushes, the ensemble in a respectful subtle manner and is very complimentary to the group. He makes the other musicians rise up to his level and in doing so elevates the overall musicality of the ensemble. Charlie's playing is subtle and introspective. He frequently chooses introspective dialogue with his fellow players over mere propulsion. Charlie causes you to be swept away and levitated. His drums sing with rapture and they dance like a whirling dervish. I do truly believe that were it possible, Charlie's drum kit and cymbals would give birth after being played by him.

  • Tyrone Jackson wrote on November 19, 2009 report

    This dude can play! I heard lots of people over the years both on recordings and live but this guy wins hands down.

  • Janice Obar wrote on November 22, 2009 report

    I heard Charlie last night for the first time. All I could say was, "Damn!" Hands down he's the best drummer I've ever heard. Hearing him made me feel as if I'd just stepped out of a refreshing hot shower.

  • Nigel Cooper wrote on November 24, 2009 report

    What an incredible gift this chap has. I'm a drummer meself and very discerning in taste. This gentlemen has chameleon like qualities in that he blends perfectly regardless of the genre. His play is sterling and spot on. Well done!

  • Dr. Graham Wellington wrote on November 24, 2009 report

    I have been a percussion professor for more than 20 years. I'm not one prone to write reviews, comments, or to express my opinion of any musician's art. However, after experiencing Charlie's gift first hand I cannot help but put personal professional opinion to print.

    He has a unique vocabulary of original motifs that he brings forth with apparent aplomb. This vocabulary serves as a catalyst for improvisational expression for him and the other members of the ensemble.

    Charlie most certainly approaches his music, in my opinion, from a less is more attitude. Do not allow this comment to mislead. He expands upon this concept and brings forth incredible creativity. His palette of sounds, rhythms, polyrhythms, and phrasing set a definitive tone without repetition. This may sound easy but as an educator of the percussive arts I assure you it is anything but. It's also something that cannot be taught. You either have or you don't. Charlie most assuredly has it. He's an original with overtones of the past, present, and the future of what's to come. I encourage my students to study his art and appreciate a true master in his element.

  • Melissa Thompson wrote on November 28, 2009 report

    I'm a musician (Tenor Sax) and have played for 25 years. I've worked with many drummers during that time. Some were good and some not so much. I'd love the opportunity to gather all of the guys that didn't past muster and say to them, "Listen! This is how it should be!" The quality and character of Charlie's play is phenomenal. He's a blend of expressive, tasteful, syncopated staccato rhythms, with a driving underlying pulse and beat that is amazing. He compliments always, shines when necessary, and slips in and out of those roles like a seasoned pro. Charlie is the textbook definition of what a drummer should be.

  • Antonio Russo wrote on December 02, 2009 report

    Charlie is the most polished well rounded player I've had the pleasure to enjoy in a long while. I'm blown away by his brush technique! I knew you could get a wide variety of sounds from brushes. I now know there's a whole new spectrum of color and sound I never contemplated, until now. Back to the drawing board!

  • James Canady wrote on December 19, 2009 report

    He's an outstanding clinician! Charlie demystified, illuminated, and clarified so much in such a short time that I'm still amazed and in awe. Anyone can be flashy. The hardest achievement is to be the least flashy and the least "trendy", and to do it well. Charlie does it like it's second nature. Don't let anyone fool you. To pull it off you have to be a complete master of your instrument. Charlie is a master second to none.

  • Greg Girard wrote on December 20, 2009 report

    I recently attended a clinic conducted by Charlie. We are starting a stage band in my school and although I've been an educator for more than 15 years I have no experience with a "lab" band. Specifically, my training in college, as an educator, was on classical percussion (I'm a woodwind player myself). Charlie reveals how both are interrelated and intertwined. His knowledge of the development of the "trap" kit to the modern day drum set is astounding. The tips and insight he provided to all that attended his clinic is invaluable. I now feel much more confident and less intimidated when it comes to moving forward with our program. He's a gentlemen and a scholar!

  • Harold Stewart wrote on December 22, 2009 report

    On one song Charlie is an unpretentious polyrhythmic gyroscope that swirls the time to the edge and then, somehow, miraculously, always comes out on top of the beat when finished. The next chart he redefines swing and really lays a beat down that makes any swing drummer jealous. His ability to deftly play so many different genres is intimidating if you're a fellow drummer (I am). If I could play 10% of what he does I'd be a very happy camper.

  • David Spears wrote on December 23, 2009 report

    Almost anyone can swing. Very few can create. To create is what jazz is all about. Charlie is a rarity in that he swings and creates. He doesn't wear unusual clothes, speak in slang, have flashy moves on stage or any lighting gimmicks. He doesn't need all the trappings of a "poser" because he's the genuine article. He's also one of the most literal and straight forward men I've ever conversed with and I've been around the block a few times in my life. He is, in my humble opinion, a role model for any musician that desires to elevate themselves to a higher plane.

  • John Schaffer wrote on January 08, 2010 report

    After all the hype, word of mouth, reviews, and general hysteria surrounding the man's playing, I was expecting to be blown away when I finally had the opportunity to hear him live. I was not disappointed. Charlie is happy playing quietly behind a group on one chart then stepping out, stepping up, and leading the ensemble on the next. He's part technically restrained master, part "less is more" - when in doubt leave it out type of musician, and part pilot of controlled chaos. Charlie weaves a brilliant story with his playing and this ability to convey a fantastic tome is, I think, the underlying "secret" ingredient of his music. He is an artisan of the highest caliber.

  • Joseph Simmons wrote on January 13, 2010 report

    I've spent so much time as a musician trying to come up with an original sound that I forgot what is really important: to swing! I have Charlie to thank for reminding me what's important and for getting me back on track.

    He's a different drummer in that his approach to playing is traditional and technical, but his application is anything but. Charlie has the nerve and audacity along with the talent and discipline to develop a unique delivery of the sound of the instrument. It is vintage and modern molded and melded into one with the beginning and end of one versus the other intertwined and indiscernible.

    His playing is fun and makes you smile while tapping your toe (involuntarily, I might add). Regardless of anything else going on, he always swings.

  • Danielle Killgore wrote on January 16, 2010 report


    Nonpareil, spicy, and tasty all in one package. Sophisticated and bold with a refined touch and the smoothest delivery you'll ever experience.

    Do not miss the oportunity to savor the man and his music.

  • Margaret Scobie wrote on January 28, 2010 report

    The only way I can describe what I heard and what I observed is inimitable. Tasty, spicy, classy, all define his playing, but they also fall short. Yeah, inimitable comes as close as anything for a true description. Very nice.

  • Jason Rosychuk wrote on January 30, 2010 report

    Charlie imparts a rhythmic pulse that drives the group powerfully without being overbearing. He's classically modern and forcibly gentle all at once. When I heard him go off into some other place musically it reminded me a stunt plane doing aerobatics. You see it and you fear the pilot will not make it, but at the last second he pulls up and lives to fly another day. Charlie pilots the drum kit much in the same way an aerobatic pilot flies a plane. Just when you think he will start with more of the breathtaking butterflies in the stomach routine he levels out and operates in a straight ahead course. He is definitely one of my favorite drummers of all time.

  • Adam Holland wrote on March 04, 2010 report

    Years ago my music teacher recommended we go to as many live performances as we could. He also advised us to speak with as many of the musicians as possible when at the venue to gain insight and advice. He told us, “If a musician will not take the time to speak with you, then they’re not someone you need to bother with. Move on.” It was sage advice that has served me well.

    I recently met Charlie at a venue in New York City. He is most gracious, kind, humble, and very willing to speak with anyone interested. He has so many pearls of wisdom that you have to experience an encounter with him first hand to truly appreciate his depth of knowledge. More than that, though, is his dedication to the music and the art. He’s definitely one to check out as well as seek out. He’s my new favorite drummer.

  • Darcy Aberdeen wrote on March 11, 2010 report

    Wow! Mr. Spice incarnate!

    Groove, pocket, swing, start to describe his playing but there's something there that you can feel in your soul that just can't be described. I can't wait to hear him again. All I can say after listening to his playing is, "Damn!"

  • Larry Blackman wrote on March 14, 2010 report

    I recently had the pleasure to hear Charlie perform. I think what sets him apart and makes him unique is his unselfishness as a musician. He contributes, blends, and compliments the group. His technique is spectacular but he doesn’t over play. He implies the beat but doesn’t under play. He is the perfect blend of what a drummer should be. He’s appropriate for the musical situation but will surprise you with his controlled burst of energy and intensity. He doesn’t play a monster kit but you’d never know that if you close your eyes. His creativity seems limitless and the foundation of his playing is rock solid. It’s not one big thing that sets him apart but all of the little things combined. Most importantly, he’s a sincere genuine man that doesn’t screw on a smile and give you the obligatory public relations pump hand shake. There’s nothing phony or pompous about him or his playing.

  • Jean Spaulding wrote on March 18, 2010 report


    Incredible technique and facility that he seemingly turns on and off like a faucet. This guy is a very tasteful musician. Catching him live was the most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on!

  • Brian Champion wrote on March 29, 2010 report

    He says so much, musically, by saying so little. When he adds it’s just enough to spice things up and compliment the music. I feel like I went to a religious ceremony and am now a believer in a new faith. I heard standards being played but they sounded original. It’s as though I was hearing the songs for the first time.

    I cannot help but to enthusiastically recommend checking him out. It’s so cliché but all I can say is he’s not to be missed.

  • Robert Markham wrote on March 30, 2010 report

    His playing is moving and compelling. I really enjoy this man’s style and approach.

  • Camille Smythe wrote on April 01, 2010 report

    His playing is pure grit, groove, and grease. If he hit anymore “G’s” it would be lascivious. No words are suitable to illustrate what it is like to be bowled over: you just have to experience it yourself.

  • David Zwick wrote on April 10, 2010 report

    His hands are as quick as a hiccup. He always makes you wonder what’s coming next then he springs it on you unexpectedly. A classically modern musician with technical ability that is astonishing.

  • Stuart Davis wrote on April 11, 2010 report

    Charlie is a showman but not flashy. He is a great accompanist that seems to draw out the best in the players with which he performs. I listen in awe and admiration and feel as though I am enjoying someone that is original versus someone that sounds as though they have come off of a conveyor belt. He is definitely my favorite drummer.

  • Helen Sweeney wrote on April 15, 2010 report

    Pure magic!

  • Martha Reyes wrote on April 17, 2010 report

    Music can be great, lighthearted, joyful, touching, soulful, or whatever you want it to be. It runs the range of emotions and the artists who can emote the most are the best. Charlie is one of the best. His music is very creative and I hope one day that my playing will affect people as much as his playing affects me.

  • Kristin Tobin wrote on April 27, 2010 report

    Crazy + Amazing = Cramazing

    Charlie + Music = Cramazing

  • Cynthia Grant wrote on May 07, 2010 report

    Charlie’s drumming is carnal, inspiring, and imaginative. He compliments and accents in an elegant fashion that brings new meaning to the word “eclectic”. If he were not available for a recording session I would delay the session until he was available: He’s that good.

  • Joel Sill wrote on May 10, 2010 report

    Sadly, countless jazz musicians these days lack an ability to swing. Indeed, it appears to be a dying inaccessible esoteric notion. If the ensemble sounds like a cluster of middle school kids warming up prior to the conductor stepping on the podium that’s not “swinging” in my opinion. Ella sang, “It don’t mean a thing…” Apparently, Charlie took that verse to heart. If you want to be moved spiritually, emotionally, and physically experience the “magic” first hand.

  • Christa Llewellyn wrote on May 24, 2010 report

    Grrrowl! Charlie is simply complex in an enigmatic straight forward kind of way. His touch and feel on the instrument is subtle and strong all at once. He is amazing, tasteful, and delicious in every way.

  • Emanuel Ban wrote on June 06, 2010 report

    Wow! The shape and approach of his playing is simplistically complex. Subtle nuances, innuendos, and crafty inflections all serve to push and propel the music forward in a reserved way. His playing, to me, is reminiscent of Philly Joe Jones with restrained shades of Joe Morello. I cant wait to hear him again.

  • Yevgeny Dokshansky wrote on June 23, 2010 report

    A high priest of drumming!

  • Jenn Shiplet wrote on July 05, 2010 report

    Charlie is a drumming devil that stalks the bandstand like a lion stalks its prey. He is a true master of his domain.

  • John P. Wirtz wrote on July 22, 2010 report

    Charlie Harrington is a man blessed with great talent who has acquired tremendous skill and executes it with unlimited authority.

  • Mark Mroz wrote on August 10, 2010 report

    Charlie is a super hero on the drums. He is unassuming and humble when you speak with him but a total transformation reveals itself when he takes his position behind his kit. It is almost like the Incredible Hulk put on Superman’s Cape when Clark dashed into the phone booth to change and Charlie emerged.

    Moments of pure power and energy are followed by reflective emoting so delicate it takes your breath away. He manages to create all of this without any apparent effort. Charlie is my favorite musician hands down.

  • James Michaels wrote on September 24, 2010 report

    He's the Babe Ruth of the drums!

  • Michael Rivera wrote on January 09, 2011 report

    In a world of drummers, Charlie is often overlooked for his incredible talent. He is simply amazing!

  • Allyn Sanders wrote on January 11, 2011 report

    I had the opportunity to catch a performance of Charlie’s in New York City last year. He’s a powerful musician but contains the power and energy in a subtle restrained way. Charlie doesn’t sound like anyone else except himself.

    He doesn’t drive or lead as much as he supports. If you close your eyes Charlie sounds as though he’s very busy behind the kit. When you open your eyes and watch him he doesn’t appear to be doing much. It’s as though he effortlessly generates his musical style of playing as natural as breathing.

    Charlie plays at break-neck tempos for extended periods of time without breaking a sweat. He’s not overbearing but he is entertaining and very tasteful in his approach. He’s not simply a “drummer” but a talented musician.

  • Unknown Member wrote on February 27, 2011 report

    He’s invented a new Esperanto. It sounds fresh yet familiar. It’s based on the foundation of jazz and incorporated with the evolution of the great ones that came before him.

  • Edith Potts wrote on March 28, 2011 report

    He plays the drums. He doesn't beat the drums. How nice and refreshing!

  • Carl Digby wrote on April 07, 2011 report

    Drumming is most assuredly what this man was born to do.

  • Renata Harrison wrote on April 10, 2011 report

    I wish Charlie was liquid was so I could fill a bathtub with him then bathe in him for hours.

  • Samuel Watson wrote on April 14, 2011 report

    A man that plays music instead of so many that just play drums. He plays to enhance and not showoff other than a strong musical groove in the pocket. Inspiring.

  • Sanjeep Swartha wrote on April 28, 2011 report

    I heard him when he was invited to sit in at a venue. I thought to myself, "I don't know who this guy is so why should I listen to him?" He supported very well and was nothing but stylish. The leader insisted he take a 16 bar break. First he stole it. Then he owned it. Then he sold it. At the end of the song I thought to myself, "I don't know who these other musicians are but I know who the drummer is!"

  • Phillip Durr wrote on June 21, 2011 report


  • Marlene Farrington wrote on October 06, 2011 report

    He's a wizard, a guru, and a rhythm master all rolled into one!

  • Kathryn Reed wrote on November 14, 2011 report

    I love his playing. He's like a carpenter: he nails it every time!

  • Chantel Breeden wrote on January 05, 2012 report

    Charlie Harrington is a brilliant combination of style, rhythm, musicianship, and impeccable technique.

  • Elaine Vanderhoof wrote on January 14, 2012 report

    He is uniquely individualistic without any hint of being pretentious or boring. The man is a true virtuoso and master of the instrument. Simply fantastic!

  • Franka Kreutz wrote on February 01, 2012 report

    Charlie's prowess commands your attention and grips it with authority.

  • Hannah Wood wrote on March 01, 2012 report

    I was speechless, breathless, and overwhelmed all at once. That's the only way I can describe what I felt the first time I heard Charlie perform live. The emotions and feelings only increase in intensity over time.

  • Frank Olivier wrote on March 07, 2012 report

    He can groove and swing on anything you put in front of him. The music is inside him. Some people work hard to have it and work harder to maintain it. Some people are naturally gifted. He falls into the last category.

  • James Krantz wrote on March 10, 2012 report

    Charlie is a hammer and the music is his nail.

  • John Mabes wrote on March 16, 2012 report

    He is a Renaissance Man. Charlie embodies everything that is right in the world of jazz. He's knowledgeable, forthright, humble, confident, and exudes class. Charlie is a living landmark and a national treasure.

  • Francine Rowans wrote on March 27, 2012 report

    It’s strange but all these students who study music and obtain degrees, or English students who study famous literature and great writers to become great themselves, always seem either monotonous or hollow. All the great masters (like Charlie) have some kind of woe or temperament you can’t teach: They are born that way. Anyone can act, write, paint, or play, but real creativity comes from within, an ability to experience all spectrums and articulate. That cannot be taught. You either have it or you do not. Charlie has it.

  • Reinhard Meyer wrote on May 10, 2012 report

    An absolute gem and treasure. A complete musician. Wow!

  • Cally Laughlin wrote on May 12, 2012 report

    I attended a clinic conducted by Charlie. When I was leaving the clinic I heard some drummer's comment they were going to give up playing. I heard others say they were inspired. The funny thing is I felt both of these things at once. He can turn it on and display incredible musicality and technique while simultaneously supporting the music. Most people can either do one or the other but he does both with the adroit skill of a virtuoso and the humility of a true gentleman.

  • Kurt Schmidt wrote on May 17, 2012 report

    Totally awe-inspiring and amazing! Without a doubt the absolute best I've ever heard.

  • Casey Plasch wrote on May 17, 2012 report

    I recently heard Charlie perform live. It was an absolute tour de force in every respect. Visually he was a combination of Gene Krupa, Pappa Joe Jones, and Butch Miles. Aurally it was astounding and inimitable. I categorize his performance as being reminiscent of many of the great masters that came before him but totally unique and without comparison to anyone other than himself.

  • Cevin Cochran wrote on May 21, 2012 report

    I recently met Charlie at a trade show. He is a walking encyclopedia of all things jazz drumming. His knowledge of jazz drumming pales in comparison to his technical prowess behind the kit. There was a whole group of us that stood mesmerized and transfixed in awe of his playing. Amazing does not even begin to describe what I heard.

  • Joe Meady wrote on May 26, 2012 report

    This guy is a monster of a player! Totally awesome and amazing!

  • Carla Gianino wrote on June 06, 2012 report

    I don't know if he's staggeringly superlative or superlatively staggering. All I do know is I love it!

  • Andrea Lynn Johnson wrote on June 06, 2012 report

    In addition to being an outstanding musician, he is the greatest man I've had the pleasure of knowing!

  • Michael Schmidt wrote on June 22, 2012 report

    It is as though an octopus was crossed with a drum corps line and Charlie is the result of the pairing. He is swing reincarnate infused with an incredible feel and rhythm that is truly infectious and unique.

    I spoke with him after a performance and he is as great a drummer as he is a person. Not pretentious, but humble, confident, gracious, and a true class act.

    He inspires me to aspire to try to play with the quality he puts into his music.

  • Owen March wrote on July 04, 2012 report

    Jesus Tap Dancing Christ!

  • Ilsa Richards wrote on January 13, 2013 report

    This incredible man is a Professor of all things that swing, groove, and makes you feel good!

  • Caitlin Hoover wrote on January 21, 2013 report

    Grrr! That's just the man! The music he makes is beyond description.