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  • Joe Higham wrote on April 24, 2009 report

    Hi Ben - I've been waiting for your new CD to come out for the past few months. Now I'm waiting for it arrive in the post, hopefully in the next few days (I also ordered the first Kneebody at the same time).

    Next I hope that you'll be over in Europe/Belgium one of these days so it will be possible to hear you live, and of course get to meet you, who knows maybe the MIM workshops might head this way.

    All the best.

  • Joe Higham wrote on June 09, 2009 report

    Hi Ben, really enjoying your new CD, or should I say the first one wholly under your name. If it were a vinyl I'd of worn out my first copy by now. I'm particularly enjoying the fact that the CD passes through a few different musical areas + the nice use of bassoon on a few tracks which works very well .... to my surprise! Great solos and compositions makes this a an excellent CD, I hope a few people pick up on it.

    I hope to write a mini review on my website which makes other people aware of new sounds they hadn't noticed, if you see what I mean!?