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  • JoAnn Piedmont wrote on June 08, 2008 report

    You gotta listen to this CD. She hits the mark and I love track #5 and #6... It's a great CD for a dinner party with friends drinking your favorite wine...

  • Lynne Davies wrote on June 12, 2008 report

    "Her Name is Gina" is a must-have CD for anyone who loves a sultry sound (and who doesn't!). If you're looking for a special Father's Day gift, "Her Name is Gina" is sure to be a hit.

    The only thing better than listening to the CD is hearing Gina at one of her live performances. She puts on a great show with a truly talented band.

  • Brenda Garrett wrote on June 24, 2008 report

    "Her Name Is Gina" ...This was my introduction to an exceptionally, talented vocalist. Gina is comfortable performing the classics with her own flavor. The nuances of her delivery stirred my memory of the original song. Yet, her versions are now my standard for any future renditions. The lyrics and music production is polished and reflects what I am sure is the product of hard work. There's no studio engineering tricks going on here. Just the magic of good muscians and a great vocalist. "Loverman" is the cut I play frequently. But it is hard NOT to press the repeat button at the completion of any of the others. Her name is Gina. Remember that when you are looking for a great serving of well done blues.

    Brenda Garrett
    Music Consultant
    Cresendo, Inc.
    Philadelphia, PA

  • David King wrote on July 04, 2008 report

    How would you define Gina Fox's music on this, her newly released third CD?

    Whether blues or the most evocative traditional jazz to evolve from the American songbook for a long time what is certain is her adherence to tradition.

    Born into a musical family, raised in musical theater, schooled at prestigious musical academies, Gina has honed her skills as a songstress. Drawing inspiration from traditional and non-traditional blues and jazz vocalists alike, her reverence for this music is obvious.

    Sit back, relax and take in this breath of fresh air. Remember "Her Name Is Gina."

    Dave King, Cross Harp Chronicles