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  • Seguida wrote on October 24, 2007 report

    author: Tom Kitts
    Seguida III carries forward the legacy of this pioneering Latin fusion band, remaining consistent with Seguida’s vision and yet pushing the music forward. The difference with the early Seguida albums is in the much more polished production of III. “We were kids then,” explains Randy Ortiz. Although the sometimes ragged productions of the early albums held an appeal to rock listeners, Adorno wanted a more sophisticated but still earthy sound. “I worked with recording engineer Jay Henry to create a great sound and to give audiophiles a bang for their buck,” explains Steve Adorno. “We worked on the mixing for three months.” The result is a well-crafted, tightly melded orchestration of sounds and moods. Seguida III is a strong return to form of a band that has been absent too long and under recognized for its achievement. That may change however when Seguida will be featured on a PBS film documentary based on Jim McCarthy and Ron Sansoe’s wonderful book, "Voices of Latin Rock". While we await forthcoming gigs, we can sit content with Seguida III, a solid achievement, marking the exciting rebirth and continuation of the Seguida legacy.