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  • Take Five wrote on May 13, 2007 report

    Meet SaltmanKnowles Quintet:
    Saltman/Knowles quintet was formed at the University of Massachusetts, where founding members Mark Saltman and William Knowles were studying composition. They discovered a mutual love for great melodies, grooves and approach to harmony.

    composition, bass, piano.

    Teachers and/or influences?
    Dr. Yusef Lateef and Stanley Cowell were teachers for us.
    We both love the music of Billy Strayhorn, Charles Mingus and many of the current great composers/musicians.

    I knew I wanted to be a musician when...
    It became unpopular to do so.

    Your sound and approach to music:
    A composition should revolve around the melodic idea(s) first. This influences harmony, feel and form.

    Your dream band:
    There are so many folks.

    Your favorite recording in your discography and why?
    Our current recording, It's About the Melody, because it reflects our latest emotional states.

    What do you think is the most important thing you are contributing musically? Bringing music that is both artistic and listenable on many levels.

    Did you know...
    That we would love to look back in ten years and say it all paid off.

    Desert Island picks:
    Avishai Cohen, Adama;
    Duke Ellington, ...and his mother called him Bill;
    [ting, Greatest Hits;
    John Coltrane, Ole, A Love Supreme.

    How would you describe the state of jazz today?
    Business - in need of some serious media outlets.

    Musicially - in need of a resolution between the melodic ideas and harmonic/rhythmic expansion.

    What are some of the essential requirements to keep jazz alive and growing?
    So-called "Jazz" needs to be brought back into the American consciousness. There should be more formats for bringing the music to a wider audience. One of the reasons the music is suffering is lack of attention on new things.

    What is in the near future?
    We are looking forward to our release party in DC on June 15 and 16th at HR-57. We are also writing music for our next release, TBA.

    By Day:
    Mark teaches instrumental music and concert band in DC; William is currently working on Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill.