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  • Johnny Wills wrote on April 11, 2007 report

    So, Kendra Shanks sings Abbey Lincoln Songs. So who’s she then?

    Now I realise most of you will be horrified by this question, but there will be some of you who need informing. Like me! Now, I’m no musician, nor do I pretend to be, but I do LOVE Jazz and simple revues. Abbey Lincoln was born in 1930 and has recorded some 13 plus albums over the years, compared to Billy Holiday often and did indeed recorded a tribute album herself to her and Abbey is now an inspiration to others (in brief). Enter Kendra Shanks who met her in 1993, struck up a friendship, has recorded Abbey’s work before but never a whole album and here we are! (Again in brief!).

    Stand out tracks for me are the fast paced “I got Thunder (and it rings)”--Kendra’s hard hitting vocals being accompanied on saxophone by Billy Drewes and joined later by the piano of Frank Kimbrough. The much softer and “vocally pronounced” “Not to worry” is good too. “Incantation/Throw it away” is virtually instrumental and when Kendra shouts “Throw it away” it drums up an image of drinkers in a cavern bar jumping suddenly and throwing their drinks everywhere! She sings with such gusto--great stuff. “The World is Falling Down” is just a great jazz ballad. No fanciness in the vocals or instrument playing just a great song!! This incidentally, was the title of the Album that rekindled Abbey Lincolns career in the 90’s.

    I’m not a jazz doctor or professor but more of a “handyman” of jazz. Picking up new skills along the way as it were and Abbey and Kendra are now added! If you like the work of Billy Holiday and the like, there is no reason why you shouldn’t like this.