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  • Kandie Le Britain Webster wrote on August 28, 2007 report

    Last week, I attended Roberta Gambarini's show at Jazz Alley in Seattle near where I live.

    I am a fairly new jazz enthusiast, and have never really cared for scatting, but when I heard Roberta, I LOVED hearing here sing scat! I really liked all the rest of her singing also. I had to leave early, and was planning on returning the next evening, but could not at the last minute, so I was not able to tell her personally how much I enjoyed her show. I also missed out on Nancy King guesting with her the following night.

    Roberta had a great trio joining her for the two-night gig -- regular members of the Roy Hargrove Quintet (who were there the rest of the week) -- Gerald Clayton, piano; Danton Boller, bass; and Montez Coleman, drums. I have already said (on Roy Hargrove's AAJ page) how much I loved the cohesiveness of this trio.

    I was fortunate to have met Roberta at Lionel Hampton 2006, where I introduced her and all the other artists' workshop/clinics throughout the course of the four-day festival. But I had to leave most of the workshops right after introducing them, and I did not get to hear her sing or conduct the workshop.

    I hope to see you again soon, Roberta, and tell you in person how much I love your music.

    Kandie Webster in Washington State -- (and profile editor here at AAJ)