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  • Richard A. Lombardo wrote on June 02, 2009 report

    I hope Bobby eventually sees this post. I am a self-taught drummer and considered one of the best in the area. I want Bobby to know that he was, by far, my biggest influence. When the first BS&T album with David Clayton-Thomas came out in 1969, I went nuts..!! I was a senior in high school and played to this record nearly every single day. I've been in rock bands, jazz groups, blues bands, country bands and even wedding bands. I was always the drummer other bands called when they needed a replacement for a night. The biggest reason for my success was not just being lucky to have a natural ability but the whole approach to drumming that I gleaned from Bobby Colomby on all those BS&T albums. Every drummer who really wants to become versatile and melodic and solid on the drums should be sure to include Bobby in their sphere of influence. Though I retired from playing five years ago, I still practice. And I still listen to those BS&T albums (well, CD's)for my inspiration. I cannot thank Bobby enough for what he has unknowingly given me.

  • Dane Udenberg wrote on August 27, 2012 report

    For a guy with such talent, Bobby C has really disappeared into the woodwork! I would so love to see videos of him playing, purchase albums of him playing, etc. because his playing was such an inspiration to me when I was a teenager. I can't find much on the web ANYWHERE other than some brief interview transcripts and a bit at Wikipedia. I want drum solos! Would love any links or references anyone can provide.