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  • Gene Nadal wrote on April 17, 2012 report

    My wife and I met Gene when he performed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville (Toronto) several years ago. He sat with us between sessions and we spoke of looking for a country property in the Palgrave/Mono area and found that he lived in that very area. We eventually bought ten acres probably within 5 - 10 miles of him.
    I would love to have his schedule,assuming he is still performing from time to time, and assuming this would be in Southern Ontario as we enjoyed his style so much. I was recently at The Home Smith Bar (a Jazz Bar)in The Old Mill Inn in Toronto and enquired if he had ever played there but the barman wasn't aware of him. We also saw Frank Sinatra Jr. perform in their Dining Room a few years ago and the atmosphere there would be perfect for Gene Dinovi.