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December 24, 2011

Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance In-Ear Headphones

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When Monster Cable launched the Miles Davis Tribute In-Ear Headphones in 2009, it redefined just how good a set of in-ear buds could sound...and how comfortable they could be. Still, priced at nearly $500 US, the product was aimed at a very specific demographic, a target made even clearer by the limited edition nature of its launch; only a certain number of the headphones were manufactured, lending them an exclusivity to tie into other products aimed at a high-end market, such as Sony's Genius of Miles Davis Collection (2010), which collected all of the label's metal-spined (for the most part) ...

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July 31, 2011

Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart 610 with Beats Audio


Though digital music has changed the landscape for everyone in the business--record companies, artists, and consumers--one of its many criticisms has been the loss of audio quality in the listening experience. Audiophiles and those old enough to remember the prevalence of Long Playing (LP) record albums (those huge flat vinyl discs now popularized by DJ scratching) and high fidelity components can sometimes become nostalgic for the days of analog quality-delivered media. Whereas the current availability of MP3 encoding--and less popular alternative formats (e.g. OGG, and FLAC)--is ubiquitous, listening to files processed below 256 Kbps (thousand bits per ...

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February 6, 2011

955 Dreams Launches Jazz app for iPads


The History of Jazz 955 Dreams2011 Interested in the history of jazz? There's an app for that now--and it's a beauty. Created by the app start-up 955 Dreams, The History of Jazz is a gem of a program which is set up as a time line of jazz history. Its extensive descriptions are divided into eras and styles, and include biographies, music samples, Wikipedia links and lots of YouTube videos of the artists being chronicled. The app is pleasing to the eye with colorful graphics and photographs. The time line is easy to navigate through ...

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March 16, 2010

North Coast Brewing Up Some Monk


In 1931, industrialist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. donated two million dollars to the Save-The-Redwoods League to purchase some 10,000 acres of virgin redwood forests in Northern California from logging companies. These companies had already cut nearly 90% of the world's tallest trees, some of these redwood trees had stood on the coast of California since the year zero on our calenders. Rockefeller was persuaded of this mission after leaving New York and traveling to a river called Bull Creek hundreds of miles north of San Francisco to see these magnificent trees, some giants standing nearly 360 feet tall and 16 ...

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February 22, 2010

Monster Cable's Miles Davis Tribute In-Ear Headphones


With 2009 the 50th anniversary of legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis' biggest selling and highly influential Kind of Blue (Columbia/Legacy, 1959), it's no surprise that folks are coming out of the woodwork to capitalize on this significant milestone. Collector's, Legacy and vinyl editions of the album have all been released by Columbia/Legacy, not to mention tributes ranging from drummer Jimmy Cobb (the only surviving participant on the original date) and his touring So What tribute band to Reggae Interpretations of Kind of Blue (Secret Stash, 2009) and Kind of Blue Revisited: The Miles Davis Songbook (HighNote, 2009). It's not exactly ...

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