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ONE LP June 9, 2013
ONE LP June 8, 2013
ONE LP June 7, 2013

Marcus Miller: Miles Davis, Milestones

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“Miles at his height in the '50s before jazz took another turn, Milestones (Columbia, 1958) was--along with the other Miles records of this period--really at the height of the elegant era of jazz. Then it went somewhere else that was equally amazing.“But I really love the combination of soulfulness and intelligence with which these guys played--'Trane [tenor saxophonist John Coltrane] and [pianist] Red Garland, [bassist] Paul Chambers, [drummer] Philly Joe [Jones], [alto saxophonist] Cannonball [Adderley] and Miles. Just an unbelievable group, and Philly Joe and Paul Chambers, they're just killin' on this record."Photo CreditWilliam ...

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ONE LP April 10, 2013

Christian Scott: Clifford Brown, The Beginning of the End

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"I choose a Clifford Brown album called The Beginning and the End (Columbia, 1973). It chronicles this guy's experience from the beginning of his musical career until a recording the day before he actually died.“It's strange, because when I first got the record I didn't really know what the record was about or why they put it together. I just remember hearing this amazing trumpeter and trying to mimic his version of 'Donna Lee,' and I can remember at the end of the song hear him speak to the audience--and even as a little kid feeling that this ...

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ONE LP March 13, 2013

Terence Blanchard: Miles Davis, Four & More

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"It's Miles Davis Four and More and the reason why it's so special for me [is] because I remember the first time I heard it as a kid.Listening to that live performance blew me way because you know I had been listening to a very different style of trumpet playing and improvisation.Those guys just kept me in a tail spin trying to figure out what they were doing, where they were going and I remember I was trying to get a handle on what jazz was so I would play each track--and this was back in ...

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ONE LP February 15, 2013

Robert Glasper: Slum Village, Fantastic Vol. 2

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The reason this album is special to me is because the producer of the album--J Dilla is my favorite hip hop producer and I got the privilege to actually work with him before he passed away in 2006. To work with him--watch him make music--watch him in “the lab" and see how he works. J Dilla is probably the only producer I know that changed the way musicians actually play their instruments. Normally a producer will just take from the musicians and do their thing--but J Dilla actually changed the way musicians ...

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