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Wayne Krantz: Inspired Transition

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It's taken guitarist Wayne Krantz the guts of twenty years to pen a CD of songs with lyrics and sing them. Howie 61 (Abstract Logix, 2012) is a departure from the music he has recorded previously, though Krantz, Carlock, Lefebvre (Abstract Logix, 2009) hinted at this new direction. There's less guitar work than might be expected from Krantz on this striking collection of compositions, but that maybe goes hand-in-hand with greater compositional depth. It's certainly got something to do with Krantz's changing relationship with his instrument, which he describes--intriguingly--as an “inspiring transition." Whilst Krantz is reluctant to view ...


Wayne Krantz: Howie 61

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It's rarely been the norm to talk about guitarist Wayne Krantz's singing, as the focus of his music has long been instrumental. That began to change with the sizzling Krantz, Carlock, Lefebvre (Abstract Logix, 2009), where Krantz sang on a third of the tracks. On Howie 61 Krantz sings on eight of the ten numbers. The notable evolution in Krantz' songwriting--which fuses composition and improvisation--is also heard in his increasingly melodic guitar playing. “I don't wanna follow a King I wanna be one" he sings on the tongue-in-cheek “Can't Stand to Rock," a reminder that Krantz has always followed his ...


Wayne Krantz: Howie 61

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Wayne KrantzHowie 61Abstract Logix2012He's long been a musician's musician and a guitarist's guitarist--there's a reason Steely Dan's Donald Fagen recruited him for his last solo disc, Morph the Cat (Reprise, 2006), and saxophonists David Binney and Chris Potter called him up for Graylen Epicenter (Mythology, 2011) and Underground (Sunnyside, 2006), respectively. Krantz's instantly recognizable, head-cocking idiosyncracies, combined with his distinctive harmonic language and effortless ability to groove, even at his most oblique, continues to be a lightning rod, with drummer/keyboardist Gary Husband also recruiting him for a track on this year's Dirty ...


Wayne Krantz/ Keith Carlock / Tim Lefebvre: Krantz Carlock Lefebvre

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Although notable for being guitarist Wayne Krantz's first studio recording in fifteen years this is, as the title plainly suggests, very much a trio outing. Previously, Krantz, bassist Tim Lefebvre and drummer Keith Carlock have released live recordings through Krantz's website which whilst lacking to a degree in audio quality, nevertheless capture the power and excitement of one of the great electric trios.The challenges and freedoms engendered by recording with a serious outfit like Abstract Logix, for whom the music comes first, has helped fully reveal a music full of subtleties and imagination. Add to that the raw ...


Wayne Krantz: Back on Track

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Guitarist Wayne Krantz is one of the great non-conformists. An improviser who avoids stylistic limitations and cliche like the plague, his music draws from diverse elements and welds them sonically to create something quite personal.Krantz has turned his back on recording studios for the last 15 years, choosing instead to release live shows through his own Website. After a month or so, these recordings are removed, as Krantz has little interest in the work which lies behind him and is always searching for new challenges. Like a painter with a new canvas, his palette always throws up some ...


Montreal Jazz Festival Day 10: July 7, 2007

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Day Ten of the 2007 Festival International de Jazz de Montreal replayed the refrain of diversity, ranging from mainstream to fusion, from established artists to stars-in-the-making. It was also an ideal day to check out the third edition of the Montreal Musician and Musical Instrument Show (MMMIS) and its new offshoot, the Montreal Guitar Salon--two shows that demonstrate the Festival's desire to promote ...


Brain Darts: The Benvento/Russo Duo Meets Wayne Krantz

They have taken on personas the likes of Mick and Keith in recent times, although some might argue Marco fairs a bit more like Sebastian Bach but that’s just the Jersey thing. Either way the rock & roll celebrity bestowed upon Mr. Russo and Mr. Benevento both as individuals and as the prolific pair is becoming quite the fit.

Since their weekly runs up and down I-95 began a few weeks back the crowds have been getting bigger, the music getting hotter, and the suspense thicker, because whatever they tell you before the show is only half the truth. Their ...


Wayne Krantz Gives You the Basics

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It's a blistering cold Thursday night in New York City. They say it's one of the coldest we've had in the last decade. Only a few brave the cold peril for anything other than work, and if they dare it might only be a short run for late night eats or a quick Scotch to settle the mind. But the Scandanavian weather conditions don't seem to bother the people waiting to get into the 55-Bar tonight to see Wayne Krantz play. Now that the hardest rhythm section in town is back in full effect, it's on, and those that know ...

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