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Vinny Golia / Marco Eneidi / Lisa Mezzacappa / Vijay Anderson: Hell-Bent In The Pacific

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Ever since moving to Austria in 2004, Bay Area alto saxophonist Marco Eneidi has flown beneath the radar, particularly in terms of recorded output. His discography boasts some heavy duty entries, including late trumpeter Bill Dixon's Thoughts (Soul Note, 1986) and bass maestro William Parker's Sunrise In The Tone World (Aum Fidelity, 1996), in addition to several appearances with legendary pianist Cecil Taylor, so it's a real pleasure to find him in the company of three other West Coast residents for a program of no holds barred free jazz. Cohesion derives from the many connections between the participants. As well ...


Vinny Golia Quartet: featuring Bobby Bradford, Ken Filiano and Alex Cline: Take Your Time

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The third recording by this venerable Southern California ensemble yields an abundance of rewarding factors. First, it's a superbly recorded audio engineering process that adds to the depth and nuances of the program. Second, multi-woodwind artist Vinny Golia and his band mates hit their stride in prismatic fashion. Unbound by borders, the musicians' have helped formulate the West Coast musical aura, evidenced by the successful output of the Cryptogramophone and Golia's Nine Winds record labels, with a lineage tracing back to pioneering clarinetist John Carter and pianist Horace Tapscott's sessions for American and European record labels. In the ...


The Vinny Golia Octet: Music for Baritone Saxophone

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Vinny Golia OctetMusic For Baritone SaxophoneNine Winds Records2011 Woodwind multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia has been both the beacon and a touchstone for the West Coast free improvising community, particularly in Los Angeles, for over 30 years. Golia started his Nine Winds label in 1977, as a vehicle for distributing his own music, then expanded its mission statement around 1980 to document music from Canada to Mexico that wasn't being heard. Some 200 releases later, Nine Winds is still on the cutting edge, still exposing adventurous musicians to discerning listeners. ...


Vinny Golia: The San Diego Session; Mythology; Duets & Großes Messer

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Vinny Golia/Bertram TuretzkyThe San Diego SessionKadima Collective2009 Vinny Golia/Peter KowaldMythologyKadima Collective2009 Brad Dutz/Vinny GoliaDuetsself-published2009 Golia/Smith/WalterGroßes MesserugEXPLODE2009 Vinny Golia is a virtuoso at being a multi-instrumentalist. These four discs, presenting two duos with bassists, one with a drummer and one trio with a bassist and a drummer, showcase Golia's capacity to create an infinite array of delightful contrasts out ...


Peter Kowald / Vinny Golia: Mythology

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Kowald and Golia have been valued players in the realms of the free for long enough to have established their musical identities, but what makes all the difference in this program is the extra-musical knowledge they bring to bear.

Golia brings a veritable arsenal of instruments whilst Kowald employs various techniques. Both of these points lend the music depth as well as the substance that can be taken for granted. As if to emphasize the importance of this, the track titles refer to the technique Kowald uses and the instrument Golia plays respectively. Thus “Arco / Soprano" is a model ...


Vinny Golia: Sfumato and Music for Like Instruments; The Clarinets

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Vinny Golia Quartet Sfumato Clean Feed 2005 Vinny Golia Music for Like Instruments; The Clarinets Nine Winds 2005

The increase in the number of recently released solo piano CDs could be a direct result of the popularity of the piano-less quartet. The Vinny Golia Quartet on Sfumato is just a little bit different. It's piano-less, as well as alto- (and tenor-) less, as the leader sticks to a few of the ...


Vinny Golia: Music for Like Instruments: The Clarinets

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Quick, when was the last time you were confronted by a quintet of clarinets? Even in the wide-open world of creative jazz, who out there puts five black sticks in your ear and makes you like it? Yes, this is the latest installment of Vinny Golia's Music for Like Instruments series, and as with the others, he's aided by some of Southern California's leading up-and-comers. Brian Walsh, for instance, can be heard to good effect on recent releases by Harris Eisenstadt, Eugene Chadbourne and Dan Clucas, while Andrew Pask contributes mightily to both the austere beauty of Steuart Liebig's Stigtette ...


The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble: 20th Anniversary Concert

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The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble 20th Anniversary Concert Nine Winds 2005

Vinny Golia continues to make history in Los Angeles with the release of this DVD, the first on his Nine Winds label. Shot on three cameras with excellent sound recording, the program features a good look at 36 of the West Coast's most gifted musicians laying it on the line. Alex Cline, Sara Schoenbeck, Jeff Kaiser, Jeff Gauthier, Jason Mears, Mike Vlatkovich... the list goes on and on. Fortunately, so does the ensemble. The lively and challenging scores shift in mood, raining unexpected ...


Vinny Golia Large Ensemble: 20th Anniversary Concert

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The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble 20th Anniversary Concert Nine Winds NWDVD250 2005

There was a time when there existed a clear delineation between jazz and classical musicians. More than simply a matter of repertoire, it had much to do with the fact that the raison d'être of jazz musicians was improvisation, while that of classical musicians was of interpretation. A fine line? Perhaps. But early experiments that brought musicians from both worlds together often failed because the jazz players were unable to work within the more rigid compositional confines of through-composed music, while classical ...


Vinny Golia: One, Three, Two / A Gift for the Unusual / Music For Like Instruments; The Flutes

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Several years ago, the esteemed jazz critic Gary Giddins named Sonny Rollins' This Is What I Do his #1 album of the year. Among its many other merits, Giddins celebrated what he referred to as the record's “LP-ballpark length. “You can actually take it in in one sitting, Giddins wrote, adding, “How many 75-minute epics, excellent in sections, become wallpaper by the eighth nine-minute track? How many, indeed. My answer: most. Cases in point: three albums by the very gifted pan-reedist Vinny Golia. Based in California, Golia has been a major force on the West Coast avant-garde ...


Vinny Golia: A Gift for the Unusual: Music for Contrabass Saxophone

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West coast sax maven Vinny Golia brings out a set where he plays the tubax, a new type of contrabass saxophone designed by German inventor Benedict Eppelsheim. A standard contrabass saxophone is a rather unwieldly beast, often difficult to tame. Apparently, the tubax solves many of these shortcomings by being both a full-sounding and controllable instrument.

Right from the start, the opener finds the tubax often sounding like a contrabass clarinet, yet with a metallic and more powerful sound. Lasting slightly over one minute, this piece serves more as an introduction and to set the tone for the rest of ...


Vinny Golia: Music for Like Instruments: The Flutes

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The prolific Vinny Golia returns with a highly anticipated flute record. As with the other entries in the Music for Like Instruments series, Golia enlists his unit from the cream of the local scene, then directs them in the astonishing textural and technical realizations of his unique musical vision. His muscular webs of sound avoid flutistic sentimentality and reveal a power not commonly associated with flutistry.

“Lonely Michael opens the collection with the first of four tastes of the Wasabi Series, each a haiku of breath tones. “An Alternative to Oregnum has Golia blasting through the prickly arrangements, themselves giving ...


Rick Helzer and Vinny Golia: Fancy Meeting You Here

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Fancy Meeting You Here matches reed regent and CalArts faculty member Vinny Golia with pianist and UCSD faculty member Rick Helzer for a collection of emotionally rich duets, featuring some heart-wrenching playing by Golia. The intimate clarity of the recordings allows Golia's considerable vocabulary of nuance full exposure.

“You Tell 'em Kwai Chung flies out of the gate with Helzer's staccato notes falling all around Golia's galloping soprano. He plays a garrulous tenor on “Are We There Yet? with Helzer keeping the riff alive and ornamented. A downshift explores shades of anxiousness, shifting suddenly to a frenzied ending in blue. ...


A Fireside Chat with Vinny Golia

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Groucho Marx coined the playful commentary: “Only one man in a 1,000 is a leader of men. The other 999 follow women." Guidance is particularly pressing for improvised music, which of late has seen a marked decline in inspiration. The Los Angeles creative community profits greatly because of men like Wadada Leo Smith, Bobby Bradford, Roberto Miranda, and Vinny Golia, are all one in a 1,000.

All About Jazz: You were invited to the Total Music Meeting (2004).Vinny Golia: It really went quite well. They asked me to write a piece for three bass clarinets. I ...

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