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Ivo Perelman/ Matthew Shipp/ Michael Bisio/ Whit Dickey: The Edge

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Saxophonist Ivo Perelman's association with Pianist Matthew Shipp's trio is completed with The Edge. He has recorded in varying combinations with the players: a duo with Shipp--The Art Of The Duet, Vol. 1 (Leo Records, 2013), a trio with Ship and bassist Michael Bisio--The Gift (Leo Records, 2012) and a duo with Shipp and drummer Whit Dickey--The Clairvoyant (Leo Records, 2012). Here the saxophonist and Shipp's trio perfect a recording, not as trio plus guest, nor Perelman backed by a trio, but as an accomplished quartet.These nine improvisations are easily mistaken for composed music. The four players gel ...


Michael Bisio / Matthew Shipp Duo: Floating Ice

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Although bassist Michael Bisio has performed with pianist Matthew Shipp on occasion over the past few years, very little documentation of their working relationship existed until the formation of Shipp's current trio, which features Bisio and drummer Whit Dickey. Floating Ice, their first recording together as a duo, arrives on the cusp of the trio's live debut, Art of the Improviser (Thirsty Ear, 2011), and studio follow-up, Elastic Aspects (Thirsty Ear, 2012).The locomotive title track opens the date, setting the stage for a series of virtually telepathic exchanges between the two musicians that belie the relatively brief nature ...


Michael Bisio: Stepping Into the Limelight

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Bassist Michael Bisio has become an increasingly visual and aural presence on the jazz/improvisation scene in the time since he moved from the west coast to New York. Yet he has been a significant contributor in jazz circles for years, and success was no overnight thing. Among other ongoing associations, Bisio is currently the bassist in pianist Matthew Shipp's trio and Tomas Ulrich's Cargo Cult. Bisio also leads his own group. His discography is extensive and covers much ground. All About Jazz: What made you take up the bass? Michael Bisio: I first played ...


Michael Bisio Five Bass Hit: Live at Vision Fest. XII; By Any Other Name; Collar City Creatology; Colored Houses; Sideways

Read "Michael Bisio Five Bass Hit: Live at Vision Fest. XII; By Any Other Name; Collar City Creatology; Colored Houses; Sideways"

Michael Bisio Quartet live at Vision Fest. XII NotTwo 2009 Old Dog By Any Other Name Porter Records 2009 Michael Bisio/ George Muscatello/ Dean Sharp Collar City Creatology MJB Records 2008 Jack Gold-Molina Colored Houses Sol Disk 2009 Bob Gluck Trio Sideways FMR 2008

Increasingly visible bassist ...


Michael Bisio Quartet: CIMP 360: Circle This

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A musical voice is hard to acquire for one musician much less a quartet. But there is always a beginning. The musical ingredients need to be simultaneously strong and viable. Compatibility of the instruments stands out as an element of connectivity. And the willingness from the band members to stick together is the glue that assures that a “sound will come through.

Bassist Michael Bisio leads such a band, formed in January 2005 and made up of Avram Fefer and Stephen Gauci on saxophones and Jay Rosen on drums. All the music on Circle This, the follow-up to ...


Michael Bisio / Raymond Boni / Dominic Duval / Joe McPhee: Port of Saints

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The unvarnished truth about improvised music is that it takes us where we never expect to go. Port of Saints describes an epic journey whose main character is the saxophone. A guitar acts as the saxophone's alter ego. Two basses supply avuncular guide posts for traveling to an unknowable but certain destination. The journey is rife both with fantasy and human spirit.

Raymond Boni evokes an extra-terrestrial ambiance through his uniquely overt and detailed approach to the electric guitar. Repeatedly, his guitar rings, tingles and twinkles. He predominates the beginning with careful figures which later stretch into expansive, convoluted phrases. ...


Michael Bisio & Tomas Ulrich: Pulling Strings

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Of all the string lineups, the bass and cello don't often get to hang together. The generally underutilized cello is often called in place of the bigger bass, or sometimes (as in Ron Carter's case) is used as a second instrument. The bass is generally not invited to string quartet parties, and it's generally paired with higher-pitched instruments or left with supplanting rhythm. Michael Bisio and Tomas Ulrich, however, find a terrain to stake claim to in the low-register duo. Ulrich, an unpredictable and exceptional player, has recorded with Yuko Fujiyama, Taylor Ho Bynum and the CT ...


Jay Rosen: Songs for Samuel / Michael Bisio: Composance

Jay Rosen Songs for Samuel CIMP 2005

Drummer Jay Rosen is an imaginative musician and he set for himself what some would consider a monumental task: an homage to his recently deceased father played on drums and percussion. However, Rosen is one of the most accomplished drummers around and his musical acumen, as demonstrated in groups like Trio X and the Cosmosamatics, is second to none. The set begins with a triumphant drum fanfare, melodic and rhythmic material bouncing from drum to drum. The sections remain dynamic and highly charged rhythmically ...


Burnt Sugar; Avram Fefer/Michael Bisio: If You Cant Dazzle Them with Your Brilliance...; Painting Breath, Stoking Fire

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Eclectically inclusive music can often sound clinical or stilted. But when disparate styles are blended seamlessly, the results can be sublime, supporting the notion that it's all music and genre labels are meaningless.

Burnt Sugar If You Can't Dazzle Them with Your Brilliance, then Baffle Them with Your Blisluth Trugroid 2005

Such is the case on Burnt Sugar's latest If You Can't Dazzle Them with Your Brilliance, then Baffle Them with Your Blisluth, a sprawling 2-CD set of live performances culled from 2004. Using Butch Morris' system of “conduction , Burnt Sugar mastermind Gregory ...


Michael Bisio and Bob Nell: Connections and Soft & Bronze

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Michael Bisio Quartet Connections CIMP 2005

Originally from New York State, Bisio has been a vital fixture on the Seattle scene for three decades. With over a half dozen highly recommended sessions as leader, his work has been likened to David Izenzon, Charlie Haden and Mingus and for good reason. Recorded early this year, Connections features eight tunes, most hovering around five minutes, excepting the 15 and 20-minute pieces “Basic Deconstruction and “History of a Mystery. Bisio's tunes make up the entire session apart from the moody Bisio/Jay Rosen ...


Michael Bisio & Avram Fefer: Connections & Painting Breath, Stoking Fire

Read "Michael Bisio & Avram Fefer: Connections & Painting Breath, Stoking Fire"

What's that old adage... when it rains, it pours? With metaphorical water this refreshing we should all be thankful. Seattle-based bassist Michael Bisio takes part in a pair of projects that add substantially to his existing folio. The releases also mark a recording renascence for Fefer who's kept a relatively low profile since his last date for CIMP. He can also be heard on a recent tandem of discs for the Boxholder label in the company of Bobby Few. Taped over two days in the dead of winter the first date focuses on a Bisio-led quartet while the second shaves ...


Michael Bisio: Undulations

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Seattle-based composer/bassist Michael Bisio has crafted a sure-fired winner with this release titled, Undulations. The bassist’s well-orchestrated miniatures surge forward with the grace and zeal of a big band, especially on the steamy opener titled, “Doesn’t Really”. Here, West Coast trumpeter Rob Blakeslee goes head to head with viola performer Jim Nolet in concert with an enthusiastic swing vamp as the quintet renders darting lines atop pianist Bob Nell’s blazing arpeggios and swiftly executed single note leads. However, the rapid exchanges between Nolet and Blakeslee are a source of wonderment as the band also melds a quiet fire with pristine ...


Michael Bisio / Eyvind Kang: MBEK

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An entire program of tandem string discourse may seem at first perusal like at unsavory offering. Few are the numbers of improvising string aggregations that can make such a combination work. Fortunately, as becomes immediately apparent once the music here begins Michael Bisio and Eyvind Kang are string stylists of the strong distinction and their collective mastery of pitch and timbre allows for an infinite array of sonic possibilities. Bisio has collaborated with some of the legends of creative music including Joe McPhee and Vinny Golia. Likewise Kang has kept similarly impressive company working with Bill Frisell and as a ...

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