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Chuck Anderson Trio: Philadelphia, PA, July 13, 2013

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Chuck Anderson TrioJamey's House of MusicPhiladelphia, PAJuly 13, 2013Chuck Anderson is a virtuoso jazz guitarist with an eclectic repertoire that includes standards, originals, a dash of rock, and artisan electric adaptations of classical acoustic guitar music. He started out forty years ago as the house guitarist at the Latin Casino, and then formed his own groups that included the great bassist Al Stauffer and the genius pianist Bernard Peiffer. His career was disrupted by a series of medical problems, during which time he continued teaching and composing. He recovered and resumed his performing career about ...


Chuck Anderson Trio: Live at Chaplin’s Music Cafe

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Chuck Anderson TrioLive at Chaplin's Music CafeSelf Produced2011 This self-produced DVD is a gem, with over an hour of straight ahead, guitar trio jazz featuring Chuck Anderson, a virtuoso player who is sheer pleasure to hear. The disc aims to recreate a live performance by showcasing Anderson's group in a nightclub setting, with high definition sound and clear, simply structured video imaging that gives a sense of “being there," without distracting from the music itself. If you put the DVD on a home theater system, you can sit ...


Chuck Anderson/Jimmy Bruno: Philadelphia, January 15, 2011

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Chuck Anderson/Jimmy Bruno DuoRoller's Flying Fish8142 Germantown AvenuePhiladelphia, PA Saturday, January 15, 2011 When two self-propelled master guitarists like Chuck Anderson and Jimmy Bruno get together, it's a certainty that sparks are going to fly, but not necessarily in what direction. How would these two individualistic players combine forces--and why? Anderson and Bruno both came out of the same hotbed of Philly jazz in the 1960s, and swapped potentially lucrative careers as staff musicians to play in formats they loved. Each went through periods of relative inactivity due to medical issues--Anderson ...


The Student Performer Cycle

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Every musician is at once a student and a performer. In each role, the musician explores and hopefully expands. The efficiency of progress for the student often suffers because of his inability to clearly see the differences between his own roles as student and performer.The attitude of the student must essentially be one of humility and patience. The work usually centers on the difficulties of developing one's technical capabilities and one's unique musical personality. Focusing on weaknesses rather than strengths is often difficult for the ego to accept. Most musicians prefer to hear themselves at their best and ...


Dennis Sandole and Guitar Lore

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Guitar Lore by Dennis Sandole was not originally published by Theodore Presser. I published the book and distributed it through my school Modern Music Studios Inc. A second edition paperback was published later by Pressers.There has always been controversy about the origins of the book. Dennis had conceived and organized this material long before it was published. At my urging (and I'm sure the urgings of others), he finally agreed to proceed with the production of the book. I took dictation and the outlines of the book directly from Dennis and then hand wrote and developed the entire ...


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Since it is so difficult to define or even recognize, talent, or the lack of it, has created more than its share of anxiety in aspiring musicians. Perhaps the greatest problem centers around the fact that talent is a fact in retrospect. Only after it has been developed does it become obvious that it exists. So how does one know that talent is within him? Is intuition or hope the only recourse? Though there is no way to prove the existence of talent or at least the degree of talent before the fact, there are some general indicators.A) ...

Music as a Profession

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Music as a career has always been met with considerable skepticism. This stems from a basic misunderstanding of the types of music involvements that are possible. The concept of the “starving musician" is but one of the many stereotypes. This installment of “The Art and Science of Jazz" is devoted to illustrating other alternatives.Music can be an avocation, a dedication, a business or a profession. They are not necessarily distinctly unique. Mixtures of these various roles are always possible and perhaps even common.The part time musician (avocation) interests us least for now since his priorities have ...

Jazz As Art

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The new jazz has nothing to do with the music. It has to do with the attitudes, the perception about jazz. History has created an image about jazz and jazz musicians. It's not a flattering image nor is it a beneficial one. Drugs, heavy drinking, seedy clubs and late hours have all contributed to this unseemly reputation. Traditionally, the smoke filled jazz club seemed part of the “charm" of a venue. I seriously doubt whether that holds the same allure as it once did. I find the club/restaurant jazz scene to be extremely disruptive to the music. ...


Chuck Anderson: Guitar Reemergence

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Chuck Anderson's guitar artistry is a cut above the jazz standard. The quality of his execution is so fine that on first hearing, it is literally stunning. His recent CD, Freefall (Dreambox Media, 2010) consists of musical gems--all-original compositions, woven into a tapestry worthy of a master classical guitarist. Yet it is all straight-ahead mainstream jazz played on a Gibson L5 electric guitar in a trio setting.

The question arises as to why he is not better known within the lineage of jazz guitarists that includes Wes Montgomery, Herb Ellis, Jimmy Bruno, and Pat Martino. among others. One reason may ...

The Musical Art of Jazz: Your Own Thing

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Art or commercialism? It's almost always a problem to musicians and singers who pursue the jazz industry. We recognize it as an art but it has to make money to be a profession. Are these two concepts in conflict with each other or are they merely paradoxical? We know that anything can be marketed by the skillful use of advertising and promotional techniques. If the material of the commercial world can be successful through promotion and advertising, why can't the material of the artistic world be successful utilizing the same means? It probably can be successful if the approach is ...


Chuck Anderson Trio at the New Hope Winery

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Chuck Anderson Trio New Hope WinerySat, April 10, 2010, 8 pm(First of two sets)

Having been impressed with Chuck Anderson's new CD, Freefall, the current reviewer recently interviewed this master guitarist in process of renewing his playing career after a period in the wings due to a couple of untoward life events (theft of his prized guitar and previously undiagnosed severe sleep apnea). Eager to catch Anderson's trio in live performance, he hopped over to the New Hope Winery to hear them perform at a delightful semi-rural location near the banks of the Delaware river ...


Chuck Anderson: Freefall

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Jazz guitarist Chuck Anderson might not be known to a wide audience despite his obvious skills to fascinate. The reason may be that the 62-year old artist's career was extensively disrupted by the theft of his Gibson L5 guitar and a severe case of obstructive sleep apnea that left him feeling like a zombie. When craftsman Eric Schulte offered to reconstruct the L5 and Anderson also found effective treatment for his sleep apnea, he was able to resume his performing career after a hiatus of quite some years. A blessing to all of us, for Anderson proves himself to be ...

The Internet For Jazz Musicians

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The internet holds enormous potential for jazz musicians. Many of us have little to no idea of how to take advantage of it. We tend to have websites, Facebook and maybe Twitter. How many of us are happy with the results we get from our efforts? After much searching, I have found The following interview was conducted with Eric Hebert CEO of Evolvor Media on the subject of maximizing exposure through the internet.All About Jazz: How has the internet changed how music is marketed? Eric Hebert: I think in the past, musicians mostly ...


Marketing Solutions and Reaching a Larger Audience

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No matter what your involvement is in music, marketing needs to be a way of life. This is true more for the musician seeking to make a living in music but it generally applies to anyone with goals other than pure aesthetics. What is marketing? Marketing is the entire range of activities that involve increasing your exposure in the market that you have chosen. This exposure then needs to lead to sales. These sales might be for CDs, DVDs, digital products, books, concerts, merchandise etc. It includes but is not limited to advertising, promotion, public relations, sales, endorsements, ...

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