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A Fireside Chat with Michael Henderson

By Published: December 15, 2003

MH: I got tired of hearing people say that Miles stopped in ’76. I had a hit record in 1976. None of us stopped. Every time I would go and look at a magazine, people would say that it was too bad that that band stopped and who knows what could have happened. All these magazines used to say that it was the worst stuff and now all of the sudden, there is five stars there. I went to a couple of majors with the idea, but they weren’t hip to it, so I contacted Sonance and they gave it a shot. This thing came together right away. Michael Wolff came in right away. He is a fantastic pianist, Sonny Fortune, Badal Roy, Barry Finnerty, and Ndugu Chancler, and we also have Victor Jones. Last night the place was packed and it was all ages from 19 to 75. The place was packed and the radio stations are adding our song. The minute Michael and I landed in San Francisco, our song was on the radio. I felt like a little school kid again. They played the whole twenty-one minutes of the whole song. There is a following for this music. There is strong following.

FJ: Project collectives never remain together after the record and initial tour. Will Children On The Corner continue and more importantly, expand?

MH: I believe so. We’re getting offers to play Japan and Europe. Everybody in the band is dedicated to keeping the band together and playing together. We love what we do. There are no egos in this band. That is the main thing. Even when I worked for Miles, the only ego was Miles and he was a band member. Miles was our biggest fan. He would stand on the side of the stage and listen to us or turn his back to the audience so he could listen to the band. He was the biggest fan we had. This band will stay together. This is a solid thing. It took thirty-three years for it to happen and this is just the beginning. There are a lot of other players who were in that period that will come in and out of the band.

Sounds samples of Rebirth by Children on the Corner.

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