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A Fireside Chat With Henry Grimes

By Published: November 13, 2003

HG: It takes me about three days of solid practicing. If I get in there about three days, pretty soon, I am more and more comfortable. I practice once during the day now, maybe about twice or three times. I just practice different things. I have been practicing a lot of Monk and stretching my fingers on Brilliant Corners and music like that. His harmonic experience is pure genius. You can sit there and seek out your own experience by his harmony and theory.

FJ: You made an appearance at this year's Vision Festival, a return to New York.

HG: It was fantastic. That is the only way I can explain it. It was fantastic. It was a very spiritual experience. I am going to New York tomorrow and I think I am going to be doing more of that playing. I get the same sense of enjoyment that I had except now, it is like, my study is more introspective. It is really enjoyable and a pleasure. It is actually fantastic.

FJ: Any offers to record?

HG: Yes, no definite ones yet, but the way they came forward, it is pretty definite. I think I am going to be playing with William Parker and musicians like Campbell and musicians like that. A lot of musicians now play at top grade levels. There is more of them in New York, but there are some in Los Angeles like Alex Cline and Nels Cline, the Cline brothers, Roberto Miranda, and a lot of musicians like that.

FJ: Your return is the best thing to happen to improvised music in this town in years.

HG: I am glad to hear you say that. It really makes me feel good.

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Skip Bolen

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