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By Published: November 14, 2003
On occasion, however, the quartet performs with trombonist Gianluca Petrella. “I think the music gets a different character, since trombone is a different instrument with different abilities. Although I have to say that I prefer the bass clarinet and alto sax combination since it is more versatile, at least with these tunes, which were written for these two instruments. Although it will be interesting to see and to hear this material performed by other players. In the future, we will play with the trumpet player Kyle Gregory and later in 2004 with Ralph Alessi and Chris Speed. It will be exciting to hear some stuff with some new tunes also.”

Under such social, cultural and musical conditions, I wondered how the audiences react to the quartet’s performances. “The audience,” according to the guitarist, “like the energy of the band. Kaucic is one of the more interesting drummers I've heard. He has his own way of playing. One can really see his experiences with Lacy, Archie Shepp or Wheeler; so the audience really senses that and he attracts many people. It depends where we play, on the festivals that are used to this more avant-garde music, the reactions are great, while in some places this music sounds too heavy. I hope, nonetheless, that we will be able to wake people to see that one can be really creative. All I want to do is to play my own music and maybe present it to a larger audience because it is really interesting. Of course, at this moment it is very hard, since I do everything by myself. It is tough, but I'm working hard.”

His guitar is equipped with D'addario strings, Chrome 0.11. He aspires to be sponsored, at least by D'addario as “it's really hard to get them here in Slovenia. Some times I play for a couple of months with the same strings, which worsens the sound. I should change them every two weeks or so, but as I said it is hard to get them and they are quite expensive here.” He also features a set up including “a Fender Concert amp, which is similar to a Twin Reverb, but I think that it has a nicer, fuller and thicker sound. I love it! As far as the effects are concerned, I'm not really such a freak. I use mainly some chorus, really changed with the frequencies, some distortion, but not much. I use that from my multi effect Boss GT-5!”

Visit Samo Šalamon on the web.

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