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A Conversation with Brian Patneaude

By Published: October 27, 2003

AAJ: What role do you think the internet plays, or should play, in the distribution and promotion of jazz?

BP: I think the internet is a great way to discover new music that you might not have a chance to hear otherwise. It's a great way for upcoming artists to distribute their own music around the world. My own experience has been very positive - Through the internet I've had people purchase my CD from all over North America and Europe!

AAJ: What are you working on right now?

BP: Right now I am working on new material for my quartet's second album. I've written a handful of new pieces and (drummer) Danny Whelchel has contributed several new compositions to our songbook that I'm anxious to record. I'm also working on some new collaborations with several other upstate New York artists ... I'll be doing an upcoming performance with bassist Jon Cohen's "Erftones" project ( ). The band is a fusion-based trio that Jon's been leading for many years. Apparently Kurt Rosenwinkel played guitar is the group at one point. I'm going to be recording on an upcoming project by a local hip hop artist named Dez. He's part of an upstate hip hop movement called Pitch Control Music ( ) and while I'll confess to knowing next to nothing about rap, I've always been impressed by Dez's freestyling whenever I've seen him perform live. He approaches music with a mentality similar to that of a jazz artist, spontaneously composing using whatever is around him. I'm also rehearsing with pianist Adrian Cohen's brand new quintet which I believe I mentioned earlier.

AAJ: Where would you like to be a year from now?

BP: I'd like to be performing with my quartet in more venues outside of the Capital Region as well a releasing that second CD!

AAJ: Is there anything I haven't brought up that you'd like to talk about?

BP: I've developed a website called to highlight the jazz community in this area. There are so many players who make their home in and around the Capital District that many folks aren't aware of. I wanted to give the community an online hub if you will, somewhere where people can read more about the musicians, find out where they are playing, read a bit about the different venues that present jazz ... The site took off slowly but recently, thanks in part to the weekly jam sessions at the Van Dyck, it's seen a huge increase in traffic. It's a bit of work to maintain but it's worth the effort.

Visit Brian Patneaude on the web at .

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