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Bill Cole: The Path I have Taken and the Instruments I Play

By Published: October 14, 2003
One of the many gifts that Professor Sowande gave me was a collection of 500 proverbs that come from the Yorubas of Nigeria. During the '80s and up until today I have been creating music for them. The proverbs have many meanings that are so appropriate for our times. They will never become dated because they speak to life's ever evolving process. Up to this date I have created music for 65 of them, which leaves 435 to go. Music and poetry are so closely intermingled among the Yorubas that creating for the proverbs has been a work of pure pleasure. Sometime during the '80s someone gave me a digeridoo from the Philippines. I knew right there that it would give me the opportunity to learn how to cycle breath. I now felt that I had put together everything I needed to express my musical mind. I also had incorporated another culture's thinking into my music.

In the beginning of the '90s I organized the Untempered Trio which then expanded to seven. Each person brings their knowledge and array of instruments to the Ensemble making us look like an around the world Ensemble. Our objective is to create music out of sound and with the wide variety of instruments we play we can create visions in the minds of the audience which travel far away from the venue where we're performing.

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