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Saxophonist Tony Malaby

By Published: October 28, 2003
When the two moved to New York in 1995, Malaby felt more secure in his style. He played and gigged a lot, but he says, "I'm not a hustler. I won't go up to someone and say, 'Hey I really want to play with you - can I be in your band?' I just don't believe in that. I think you need to earn that."

As a result, his skills and his reputation have grown organically. By 2000, he had released Sabino and gotten a phonecall from one of his idols, the drummer Paul Motian, who wanted Malaby to play in his Electric Bebop Band. Since then, he has worked with Fred Hersch, Mark Helias, Tim Berne, Louis Belogenis, Mark Dresser and George Schuller, among many others. He plays with Sanchez on her upcoming debut, Mirror Me, and he recently recorded an album with Motian that should be released this fall. "It starts with how you approach the instrument, how you approach playing in a band, how you approach playing a set of music, playing a night of music, playing a tour, being married. It just goes on," he says. It is dark out by now and no one has noticed that the lights have been out the whole time.

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