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T.S. Monk Speaks Out

By Published: November 6, 2003
TM(continued): What people didn't realize is, I'm a jazz musician. This is a heavy intellectual endeavor. You ain't got no dummies playing on the level that we play at. So I don't know why people wouldn't think that I know who Thelonious Monk is just like they know who Thelonious Monk is. I ain't seen no rush of musicians running to do no treatments of Monk's music. I do see hordes of musicians rushing away from Thelonious's music 'cause it's too difficult. And I'm just a god damn drummer what the hell do people expect from me? (laughing). I knew that at the end of the day, sooner or later, I was going to have to deal with my father. Just as a bandleader I had to be almost flawless because of who I was, I also knew that when I made a record featuring'not just putting one or two of my father's tunes on it'a record of my father's music it was going to have to be untouchable by the critics. It was going to have to be something that would slap the critics back; No fuckin' discussion, nothing to talk about, muthafuckas this shit is swinging like hell and everybody's playing their ass off. This is Monk and there's no doubt about it.

AAJ: You can't just wake up one morning and do that.

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