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Brad Mehldau's Opening, Middle and Endgame

By Published: October 7, 2003

AAJ: Absolutely. Intuitive, visceral, since the rhythm sets the stage or tone (no pun) for everything that's layered above it. So, what happened at the One World Theatre gig in Austin? The piano wasn't tuned or something. How was that gig relative to most?

BM: Was it the tuning or another problem, like a broken hammer? I forget exactly. I remember being very upset, with myself mostly, because I allowed my anger at the problem to get the best of me and it affected my performance. That was made worse by the fact that the audience was great - supportive and enthusiastic - and the venue is great. I hope we can come back and play there again; it's a special place.

AAJ: I know. That's why I asked. And its' strange that you said it bothered you so much. It didn't come across in the performance, and to be honest, though it was the first time I'd heard you live, I thought the trio smoked (in a very original, organic way). And the way you seemed to create space and timelessness, to stretch and suspend time, it felt like the most relaxed, yet focused, high energy performance I can recall in a long time. Metheny and Dave Holland are right there, too. What are your current and future projects and goals?

BM: I've got another trio record in the can that I'm real excited about with Larry and Jorge; it should come out hopefully in October. Thanks so much for your interest, Mike, and all the best.

AAJ: Thanks Brad, and all the same to you.

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