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Mastering the Groove: A Chat With Organist Reuben Wilson

By Published: October 6, 2003

AAJ: Andy Simpkins once told me that when he would go to Japan people would recognize him on the street and yet here in the United States nobody really knows all but the biggest jazz names. What has been your experience with audiences abroad?

RW: Years back there was a stronger thing for American artists in Europe and Japan, but now I find that you get a pretty strong following right here in the States. In general, we have a very young audience. I don't get a lot of senior citizens, but occasionally we a get a few sprinkled in there. It's good music if we can go through generations like that.

AAJ: Before we wrap things up, what's new on the horizon for you?

RW: We're finishing up a [new] Masters of Groove, but it's time now to go in a new direction and so that's what I'll do on my next date under my own name. I also have one on the shelf that I did with Marc Ribot.'

To listen to The Masters of Groove Meet Dr. No, check out the sound samples at

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