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Brink Man Ship: It's not music for teenagers!

By Published: November 22, 2003

AAJ: What is played in Switzerland?

JGB: We have quite a good modern scene, electronic scene, but also a good traditional jazz scene.

AAJ: Really, the traditional scene? I've considered Switzerland a country of electronic music...

JGB: Yes, there are some well known straight-ahead bands, like Franco Ambrosetti and some others. But the electronic scene is very large, that's true.

AAJ: Is there any musician, who would you like to play with?

JGB: I like to play with people who also like me. I don't want to be a big star for my band ' that will get boring. For me the biggest wish is that someone will come ask me to play with them. The most important thing is to have a good feeling with somebody.

AAJ: Any special names?

JGB: I will play in June with Kenny Werner, my favourite pianist. He has a project in Austria for a jazz festival and I will play in his band. This is something I really look forward to do: play with real jazz giants.

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