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A Fireside Chat With Frank Lowe

By Published: January 26, 2003

FL: Yeah, well, it is like what I did with Bernard Santacruz. It is basically the same type of situation only the compositions I think are a bit more impressionistic. It is just some ideas. The music, you tell a little story. Like you are writing a letter, you have an introduction, a main body, and you have the salutation, you have the closing and that is it. In the main body, you try to say everything you have to say right in there. That is how I approach a solo.

FJ: You featured Grachan Moncur III on Decision in Paradise (Soul Note).

FL: That's my dream band. Yeah, I always dug Grachan from those records with Jackie McLean, Destination Out! and One Step Beyond. I always dug Grachan from those. I just dug his sound. Oh, man. Grachan is a true minimalist. He's like the king of the Wayne Shorter concept, the less is more concept. Check it out.

FJ: And the triumph, Bodies & Soul.

FL: I had fun doing that. I had fun. I got a chance to play some compositions of my favorite people and also participate with Mr. Moffett. It was maybe the second or third time we had been in the studio. All the people in that era, Charles Moffett, Ed Blackwell, Billy Higgins, they are like, what can you say? What can you say about them cats?

FJ: The take on 'Impressions' is something else.

FL: Oh, yeah, Fred. We kicked it in. We kicked it in.

FJ: You returned to the trio form with Vision Blue (CIMP).

FL: Oh, yeah, Steve Neil. Sometimes I just try to get, it is like this, Fred, I study the music and when I do a recording, it is like a report card. I just like to show what I studied over a six or eight month period. I do it and I give it to the people to grade. This is what I have been doing in the past year. I hope you like it and here it is. That is what the recordings are for me. It is what I have been doing since the last time you heard from me and this is what I have to say and feel with me.

FJ: Your recent sessions have been for No More.

FL: With Billy and the other one with another one of my favorite bands. We had some good fun doing that with Jack, Ralph, and Steve.

FJ: And the future?

FL: This one is a quartet that is coming out called Lowe Down and Blue. It has Carvin on drums, Bern Nix on guitar, and Dominic Duval on bass and myself on tenor. It should be out any day now. I am working on some things now, Billy Bang and myself.

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