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Eddie Palmieri: Latin Jazz Standard-Bearer

By Published: October 8, 2003
AAJ: It sounds like the future looks good for your band and your music.

EP: The future looks very exciting, on our end, because of the CD, the tour that we're going to do now, and the extension of certain plans that we have within the company. If that comes to happen. Then it's going to be a wonderful ride with Concord Picante and us. They have tremendous artists there. Maybe even Chick Corea and I can meet there, because he has his own division out of Concord [Stretch Records].

We need more independent companies like Concord for all these great talents that have either been dropped from a label or don't have an opportunity to record, because things are very, very tough out there. A lot of tremendous musicians are not gigging. We have to strive to make it happen and to give an incentive and stimuli to see that a record company like Concord can happen and can exist. Maybe that will stimulate someone to invest money and open up a few more independent companies.

The youngster coming up really has no chance to record. And on top of that, the new order of the day ' whoever came up with this one should be put in a straight-jacket ' is that you have to record your own CD and invest your own money. How are you going to come up with the dough if you've never recorded? Then you have to go into debt or borrow money from the family, or whatever you have to do so you can then go into the studio, record your work, so you can reach out to different record companies to see if anyone would like to record the CD for you, or buy for you, or let you come back in and do it. And that's extraordinary. It never existed before and it's a disaster for the young musician coming up.

It's a terrible situation. We're hoping with our recordings, and with Concord Picante doing better and better, we can bring some excitement to other financiers to establish different independent companies and that will give everybody at least a fighting chance.

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