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A New Face - Make Mine an OliRockberger Please- with Zero Cheese!

By Published: October 3, 2003

The rule from my experience is that if you are enjoying playing a certain section, if it's feeling good, then it is good! We keep working with a particular section until we achieve that feeling - that you could live in that section forever- because in songs, it will be the same each time it comes around, until you actually change the part? so it better feel and sound great before you start playing it out there!

AAJ: What kind of recording technology have you been using? Hard disc or analog? Do you have a home studio? How much unreleased music do you have written or demoed that you?d want to release?

OR: Right now my focus is on live performance and it takes so much work to; a) get a band really tight and b) to get the arrangements and songs themselves as they should be, that home recording has taken a back seat for me right now. I have a Yamaha MOTIF 8 which I use to sequence and get ideas down quickly. I have an Apple G4 and when I have some more time I will start recording at home.

AAJ: Are you planning to maintain somewhat of an equal physical presence in both countries?

OR: I am very much hoping so-I have strong feelings for both the UK and the US and it would be desirable to have a career in both territories, and eventually in other European countries too.

AAJ: Do you do many solo gigs?

OR: Occasionally I do solo gigs where I sing and play my original songs and covers of other pop tunes. Mainly I play with groups- either my own, or pick-up groups for GB work, or club dates.

AAJ: Tell us where do you see yourself on the musical landscape? Singer/songwriter, prodigious instrumentalist? Jazz/rock/pop? Everything? I know you have no problem style jumping, that's for sure.

OR: I would love to perform, tour and record with the Oli Rockberger Band, as my primary career focus. Playing in this outfit is one of the times when I truly get the opportunity to perform music on my own terms; its my own music, I play with two responsive, brilliant and stimulating players, and I am able to explore my interests as a singer/songwriter, and as an improvising instrumentalist, without having to make a choice between the two sides of my musical character.

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