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Bassist Steve Tintweiss

By Published: October 28, 2003

Besides the two albums, originally released on Shandar and reissued numerous times, the first night's concert was recorded by a Belgian radio station and recently issued in an Italian magazine. ["Ghosts" from the concert is available for download on the Albert Ayler Estate’s website, ] The group even played another concert at the tourist village they were staying at a few days later, to a packed room of fans staying in the area.

After returning to the States, Ayler was found dead of mysterious causes, triggering years of battles between his daughter and last wife over the rights to his estate. "It's a shame that there's this friction between these two different camps that are claiming rights to Albert's estate and my only interest is that the music comes out in a decent format. And I'll help whoever I can to do that."

Despite being best known as Ayler’s last bassist and through his association with ESP, Tintweiss has been a productive musician to this day. "Most people haven't ever heard my own music. I've never released any of it but I expect to next year. I've written hundreds of pieces. I consider myself more of a composer than a bassist these days."

"It's been years since I've played my music in front of a hip jazz audience so I'm looking forward to doing that again one of these days."

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