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Prasanna's Carnatic Convergence Concept Produces Potent Panethnic Potion

By Published: October 6, 2003

P: I have just finished an album, which is trilingual-English, Sanskrit and Swahili. It's a lot of electronica and ambient stuff mixed in with lots of Carnatic music, some African, some Celtic, some drum n'bass and elements of classical music too. It was a lot of fun doing this record. I am now trying to find a good label to release it.

I have filmed an instructional guitar video on applications of carnatic music in Jazz imprvosation. I look forward to editing the footage soon and releasing it. It's a very special project and I think it will be well received by Jazz and guitar aficionados. I also have plans of putting out my compositions in the Jazz/Fusion idiom on a record soon - all the stuff that I have been playing live for many years and other material. Also, I plan to get a book out soon. I may do an orchestral project in Europe next year. There are so many projects in the pipeline- it's going to be exciting!


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