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Live From New York

October 2003

By Published: October 1, 2003
Tony Malaby — This year we’ve been blessed with a number of excellent Malaby appearances on record, including his wife Angelica Sanchez’s Mirror Me (OmniTone) and Mark Helias’s new Open Loose disc, Verbs of Will (Radio Legs). Now we have Apparitions (Songlines), the eagerly awaited debut of Malaby’s two-drummer band. At the 55 Bar, just a couple of nights after Potter, this equally gifted but more free-leaning tenorist showcased music from the new album. Unfortunately, Michael Sarin was out with the flu, so Malaby and bassist Drew Gress had only Tom Rainey to contend with. But Rainey, as you probably know, plays a lot of drums, so the music didn’t suffer one bit.

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