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A Fireside Chat With Herbie Hancock

By Published: January 22, 2003

FJ: CDs are the same price as DVDs, which include a wealth of features and source material.

HH: Exactly. The fact of the matter is, that piece of plastic called a CD doesn't have a whole lot of value anymore. It doesn't have any value because CD burners are cheap. Anybody can make their own CDs now and they can buy them for a few cents, a blank CD and burn whatever it is that they want. That in itself, doesn't really have major value. What does have value is the content. It is the music itself. It is the film itself. It is the T-shirts and the tours and the cups and whatever merchandising that they come up with and whatever new ideas. We need some new ideas as to what the public would benefit from in terms of their relationship with the music and the artists that are making that music or the filmmakers and the artists that are making those films. I'm afraid the record companies are a little slow in making this transition, which is a major one because the record industry will not be, in any way, shape, or form, what it has been in the past and right now, they are trying to protect what was in the past and baby, this is the Twenty-First Century and they better start looking for some new ideas because trying to protect what they had in the past is not going to work. The only thing they are going to do is make more enemies.

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