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Brian Landrus: The Low End Theory

By Published: November 14, 2013
For Landrus, the music has always been based on what strikes him as a listener and as a performer. When it comes to fleshing it all out, however, there is another, deeper process at work. He verbalized it in a piece of advice by Brookmeyer, which alludes to all future listeners as to what Landrus's next step might be. "He talked a lot about music coming out of 'the forces' and by that he meant instrumentation. That's always the biggest part of writing, figuring out what the forces are."

Selected Discography:
Brian Landrus, Mirage (BlueLand Records, 2013)
Ryan Truesdell, Gil Evans Centennial Project (ArtistShare, 2012)
Brian Landrus, Capsule (BlueLand Records, 2011)
Brian Landrus, Traverse (Blue Land Records, 2010)
Nicholas Urie
Nicholas Urie
Nicholas Urie
Large Ensemble, Excerpts From an Online Dating Service (Red Piano Records, 2009)
The Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra with George Garzone, Muse (Creative Nation Music, 2009)
Brian Landrus, Forward (Cadence Jazz, 2009)

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