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Josh Ginsburg: Intent

By Published: October 17, 2013
JG: Well, before family, music was always the highest priority, which seems like a good thing, and maybe it is for a period. You know, endlessly obsessing over the craft. But at some point I think you can start to lose perspective. I think if you accept the idea that music is supposed to communicate something, which I do, then at some point you have to start living life and come down to earth. And definitely for me, the kids have forced me to do that. [laughs] Nothing says down to earth like changing a few diapers! And then just seeing kids grow up is so amazing, you really start to see what we are all made of.

So I really enjoy family life and get a lot out of it. I went back to school to get my masters because I could see doing more teaching, which would allow me to travel a bit less. Where at one time that seemed completely insane, I just wanted to play all the time.

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