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Magnus Ostrom Band at Ronnie Scott's

By Published: October 1, 2013
The band didn't reach full tilt until after the interval. The folk-but-not folk vibes of "Through The Sun" gave way to a squidgy funk breakdown, while bassist Thobias Karlsson deployed thick hunks of space-funk improv. Likewise, the open-range melancholia of "Weight Of Death," which could be an outtake from Sigur Ros's latest album, bled into a dark, strangled, synth-led workout which made you think the band weren't afraid to get some dirt under their nails after all. They saved the best for last. On anthem of hope "At The End Of Eternity," Ostrom unleashed his inner Billy Cobham
Billy Cobham
Billy Cobham
, ramping up the number's cinematic drama with an echo-laden, sledgehammered solo which brought the audience to their feet.

It'd be interesting to see Ostrom and company perform in a mid-size theatre, where they could really let rip. As it stands, this gig was a little too clean-cut and conservative to get pulses racing.

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